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Later the area was an early settlement of the Aryan community.

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Pakistan needed a capital that was easily accessible from all parts of the country. June 25, by Editor 86 Comments Photos of Peshawar. It is now responsible for the development of tourism sector.

Early history[ edit ] Islamabad Capital Territorylocated on the Pothohar Plateau of the Punjab regionis considered Essay on decision support system of the earliest sites of human settlement in Asia.

Advertising campaigns need to attract tourist by developing holiday packages tailored to explore the greater regions of the country. Construction and development[ edit ] Islamabad's urban form was designed to be radically different from typical South Asian cities, and features spacious avenues in a forest-like setting.

The maturation of human and natural resources can also contribute in development of this feeble industry. Mohabbat Khan Mosque, Peshawar. Another Photo of khyber Pass — Roads are being developed by several consultants from the Northern Areas all the way down to the Port of Karachi.

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Moreover, Karachi was located at the southern end of the country, making it vulnerable to attacks from the Arabian Sea. Now each province runs its own organization that is responsible for tourism. After extensive study, research, and a thorough review of potential sites, the commission recommended the area northeast of Rawalpindi in Peshawar Museum Photo by Khalid Mahmood.

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It was built on 7. The Ministry of Tourism was responsible for the policy formulation, development, marketing and promotion of foreign and domestic tourism besides coordination and regulating of federal and provincial governments and private sector activities responsible and involved in tourism.

The latest budget showed that less money was being spent on research and marketing and more on defence and other fixed markets.

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Peshawar Gift House — Khyber Pass — The Rawalpindi Development Authority took care of the project with a cost of approximately Rs 24 billion, which was shared by both the Federal government and the provincial government of Punjab.

This has led to fewer tour agencies being set up and development of historical sites. Islamabad has attracted people from all over Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanised cities of Pakistan.

Photo taken by Bill Spence. Relics and human skulls have been found dating back to BC that show this region was home to Neolithic people who settled on the banks of the Swaan River[21] who developed small communities in the region at around BC.

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Photo by Willard Old Tehsil office Gate. Photo by Bill Spence. This undated poster was published in Bombay. Its boundary fence can be seen.

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In this photo, the train is about to depart from Shahgai railway station and descend out of the Khyber Pass back to Jamrud, near Peshawar. Inthe original Hastings Monument was demolished and a new horse shoe style monument of white marble was built to commemorate the shuhadas of the Indo-Pakistan War.

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