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Fossil dating information chart answers, resources:

Ask them to cut out the six fossil boxes from the handout and gather the data about each fossil from resources in the Evolution Library, the school library, and the Web. Have your students watch the Radiometric Dating video and take notes.

To create your workspace, tape together 8 sheets of standard sized pape. The answer is a matter of basic physics. It does not fit their presuppositions.

Cut out each fossil and make sure you Fossil dating information chart answers the time period marked below it.

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The Rock and Fossil Record. Dating the Fossil Record Activity. What typical whalelike traits were apparently the earliest to appear?

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Define the following terms: Dating the key fossil record worksheet. Carbon dating worksheet answers. Each fossil on your sheet is marked with a time period.

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Explain how the chart illustrates both punctuated equlibrium and gradualism. It is literally able to count carbon atoms one at a time. After millions of years, their remains would be completely free of radiocarbon. What did Novacek learn about mammals from the dinosaur age?

Analyses of rock strata and the fossil record provide only relative dates, not an absolute scale. What questions remain unanswered by relying solely on the fossil record?

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Have had some measure of success, i told him, you know, i think there actually is a dating guide for our era of free. This finding is consistent with the belief that rocks are only thousands of years old, but the specialists who obtained these results have definitely not accepted this conclusion.

During a certain period, the fossils will split into two branches. To find fossil evidence to fill the largest remaining gap in whale evolution, what age sediments would you search?


Time and the Fossil Record Relative Dating. What is the relationship between gaps and fossils? Trace fossils record the activity of an organism.

Explain what information fossils. Use specific fossils from the chart to support your answer. Photocopies of activity sheets.

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On the third day, discuss the results in class. Highlight the Eocene epoch Mya. Paleontology The Fossil Record Scientists use the age of fossils as evidence for evolution. Fish with Fingers 5.

To keep from concluding that the rocks are only thousands of years old, they claim that the radiocarbon must be due to contamination, either from the field or from the laboratory or from both.