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It turned out the foretasted rain was a great blessing. We are almost back to our campsite. I still had one more night at Horse Heaven to enjoy before heading home. I was able to break up my travel into two days.

Riding out on four separate occasions I was able to take a new path each time. Angel and I had a great ride. I hosed her off then gave her some hay to enjoy while she rested and I packed up camp. Angel was happy to greet three horses pastured next to this home.

Along the CNT, we passed a copper colored pond.

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Since I was not in a group this time around I got to see little bit more of the wild life, no bears or cougars though thank goodness. We said goodbye to Horse Heaven and headed home. Look for the pink ribbons on your right to pick up the trail.

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Angel and I went along this road for a few miles before our next junction. From then on out I noticed lots of tire tracks along the trail.

The cabin was perfect with a great view of the large pond in front and a quiet secluded back porch with a swing in back. Intersection M, marked on the map with the letter M in a box and here on trail marked by a yellow sign nailed on the tree.

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I was not fast enough with my camera to catch a shot of them. Overnight all I had to do was glance out my trailer window to see that Angel was just fine in her pen.

Horse Heaven Ranch Resort

Heading northwest on an unnamed road between Flat Head and C trails. There was lots of water available to the horses on trail.

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Fort pierce date hookup will provide a copy of a hand drawn map to each person. My Angel, as usual, was steady and dependable. Unfortunately, Curtis and Patty had a flat on their truck, but between Curtis, David, and Chance, they quickly changed the spare out.