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When it came to traits like height and attractiveness, people who displayed a certain trait prefer people who also displayed that trait, and they preferred it more strongly than people who don't.

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Getty It's not just familiarity. The results showed that while young couples weren't always facially similar, more participants thought the couples looked alike later in the relationship. Bloom wrote a small gift book on the theory and later launched a blog, but about a year and a half ago she decided to get serious about putting her theory to work.

Once you upload your picture, the site uses facial recognition technology to zoom in on nine points of your face -- your eyes, ears, nose, chin, as well as the corners and center of your mouth -- to find you a match.

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When it comes to attraction, we're a little more narcissistic than we'd like to admit. The face is widest at the cheek bones, while the jaw is narrower and sleek, with a forehead slightly broader than the chin. For example, higher levels of testosterone are related to masculine face shapes like prominent chins as well as "masculine" personality traits like dominance.

They're aggressive, charming, playful or depressed. So the longer you're with someone, the more your shared life can alter how you both look.

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While others might claim you're just dating people who look like your siblings, you're really just weeding out mates for the happiest, healthiest potential. We actually grow to look alike.

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There are other factors involved as well. This shape consists of a fairly prominent jaw line, with a forehead as wide as the jaw. When it spots "face mates," it alerts the pair. We're comfortable with what Face shape dating know, and what we know best is our own face.

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University of Michigan psychologist Robert Zajonc analyzed photographs of couples taken as newlyweds and compared them to portraits taken 25 years later, asking participants to match photographs according to facial similarities.

Lookalikes may be happier in the long run. As reported by LiveScienceface shape and brow structure are just two physical features that can influence our perceptions of people upon first meeting.

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Finding a partner who looks just like you. We're attracted to our genes. Sure enough, a study had participants rate 85 married couples' faces for perceived personality traits, going on the premise that "choosing a partner on the basis of similar personality could lead to facial similarity in partners in terms of apparent personality.

Don't get too freaked out when you realize your boyfriend has that same square jaw, or your girlfriend is also a brunette with killer dimples, or that everyone always mistakes you for siblings.

Or at least that's the theory behind FindYourFaceMate. Also, where one might find a certain type beautiful, others might not. Being of equal attractiveness doesn't necessarily mean that they have similar facial features, but it could lead to common facial characteristics, such as facial symmetry and youthful qualities, Johnson said.

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This diamond face shape is characterized with narrower forehead and jawline, while the cheek bones are fairly wide and prominent. Trees also said researchers have found that people are drawn to those that look like them because the faces look familiar.

Where everyone is running Okotoks dating sites experiencing the perfect life. That's because the longer a couple is together, the more their looks actually seem to merge.

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Smiles and eyes also often determine how we feel about a person: Getty Ever notice how older couples tend to look eerily similar?

In fact, some studies have shown how our preference for our significant other's face can lead us to treat people who share similar facial features in a similar manner via transference. The study morphed photos of the participants and political candidates and, while the test subjects didn't consciously detect the blended images, they consistently favored the ones that most resembled themselves.

Not only did identical twins look like their chosen partners, but the non-related spouses of the twins often resembled one another very closely.

Another study from the University of Western Ontario found that identical twins took the similarity of their mate selection one step further: Research shows that square face shapes and heart face shapes are the most in demand, attractive or loved face shapes.

With a huge population that consists of people from all Face shape dating of life and culture, it will be unfair and delusional to state that nothing but only one facial type is attractive, while the others are plain old boring.

Face shape dating same held true when subjects were exposed to an image of their opposite-sex parent right before the stranger's photograph, but only if the subjects weren't aware of the exposure.