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Keegan plays his now-trademarked better-than-everyone jerk, and Detmer's oops-I-kicked-you-in-the-face schtick gets old, fast.

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Extreme Dating doesn't even reach mediocrity, actually. And Andrew Keegan is just a cocky, god-awful ass.

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When a random accident on the ski slope results in romance for one of the four close-knit friends, his lovelorn pals soon conclude that it was the stress of the event that helped to cement the instantaneous bond between the pair.

Shouldn't this really be National Lampoon's Extreme Dating?

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Or at least get a little nookie. The machinations of the film are at once unbelievable and eye-rollingly unentertaining. There's not much new to the scheme-gone-wrong story, except for how blatantly mean-spirited it is.

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Amanda Detmer has a reputation for being bitchy and accident-prone. Movie Info Four twentysomething friends find out too late that their theory about love blooming in extreme circumstances may have one fatal flaw in director Lorena David's romantic action comedy.

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What with the tired, insulting plot, B-list cast, and quickie production values that emphasize sex appeal but offer no actual sexthis really should have earned the Lampoon seal of mediocrity.

Ultimately -- after a long setup that makes us think a sex comedy is in store for us -- Amanda and Devon hatch a plan to kidnap Andrew and the girl he's lusting after Jamie-Lynn DiScalathe idea being that she'll fall in love with him when he breaks them out of captivity.

Devon Sawa aging badly gets tongue-tied around the ladies. Soon convinced that the surefire way to find love is to plan a series of risky dates in which chaos is the key ingredient, the four friends find their plan coming frustratingly close to fruition before cooking up an elaborate kidnapping ruse that's sure to result in true love.

By the time the movie devolves into a police investigation into the kidnapping, you'll begin wondering if the movie will ever be over, and whether anyone involved in it will ever work again.

The only problem with the plan is that the "kidnappers" that the friends have hired are actually a pair of ex-cons with a devious plan all their own.

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These goons including a sad Meat Loaf decide to kidnap the duo for real and demand a ransom. Now, with their friend missing and the police in pursuit, the remaining pals hatch a daring plan to foil the kidnappers ad rescue the captives before their harmless experiment yields deadly results.

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Only they don't count on hiring ex-cons as their muscle in the scheme. It's a stupid, painful movie about the lengths to which a collection of losers we're meant to think they're kinda geeky cool, but really they're far from it will go in order to find love.

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