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Excel v hook up, need more help?

Once you've entered the code, you'll see a ToolTip.

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So if is not found in the range of A1: A box appears that allows us to select any of the functions available in Excel. Let's take a closer look why.


The formula that was created for us looks like this: If you don't specify these parameters, Excel adds a single new worksheet as the first worksheet in the workbook. Prerequisites To complete this walkthrough, the following software and components must be installed on the development computer: Now what does this mean to us?

Add a new Excel column for lookup values Place your cursor in the first blank cell in that column. In this exercise, you'll write code that reacts to an event that isn't already handled by the template code, the SheetFollowHyperlink event.

Completing the Invoice Template

For example, if you had the following formula: NET template uses a slightly more complex method to hook up the event, the steps in this section add event handlers that use a simpler technique.

The file link is also at the bottom of this tutorial.

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Which piece of information from the database, associated with the unique identifier, do you wish to have retrieved for you?

Select the appropriate section below, depending on your choice of language. This is a great way to spruce up your spreadsheet so that you don't see traditional Excel errors.

Using the Function

Which of these pieces of information will it pass you back? You can think of this box as the function asking us the following questions: G3 and not B2: The system would return us a list of all lookup-related functions in Excel.

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The description cell changes to match the new item code: