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Decision Support Systems Ans: Decision Support System introduce to a class of systems which support in the process of decision making and does not always give a decision itself.

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Decision support capabilities are of great interest to a broad range of stakeholders and enormous resources have been and will be committed to building systems that promise to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of specific decisions. Many organizational problems contain group decision-making.

The journey begins with building model-driven DSS in the late s, theory developments in the s, and implementation of financial planning systems, spreadsheet-based DSS and Group DSS in the early and mid s. In this section, we provide an informal tour of our major findings.

The rules are not fixed or prearranged and requires every time the user to go through the decision making cycle as marked in Herbert Simon model.

The choice of selection rightness varies from problem to problem.

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Computerized systems support decision tasks like information gathering, model building, sensitivity analysis, collaboration, alternative evaluation and decision implementation. World-Wide Web technologies have rapidly transformed the entire design, development and implementation process for all types of Decision Support Systems.

By integrating data and programs into one Vision offers users unparalleled analytical power and real world modeling capabilities, complementing the data collection and transactions processing capabilities of relational databases and greatly surpassing the analytical capabilities of other add on.

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DSS can be erected around the rule in case of programmable decision situation. Essay on decision support system heuristic, the computer system can verify a very good-but not necessarily the best- solution.

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A DSS has a graphical orientation: For smaller problems, DSS has the capacity to find the best optimal situation.

This method gives the decision maker a great deal of adjustability in getting computer support for decision making events.

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It is therefore, need to go through these phases again and again till satisfactory solution is recovered. This paper reviews the current status of Decision Support Systems in the context of developments in Web technologies. The model is expected to be very popular because of its simplicity.

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Also, decision support is increasingly integrated in business processes and DSS are used for ad hoc analyses. This article chronicles and explores the developments related to building and deploying DSS. We discuss the first function in terms of the Web as media and the second we call the Web Hook up in stockport computer.

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The decision support system helps in making a decision and also in performance analysis. A DSS can also resolve problems where a small amount of data is need.

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These systems are helpful where the decision maker calls for complex operation of data and use of certain system to reach an acceptable solution using different analysis approach.

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