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That said, when I ran a site, my site was a total dictatorship.

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You will let out the ugliest parts of yourself, and you will drive people away. This would mostly be people I found annoying or who challenged everything anyone said. Some joke about how the issue of height is negated when people get the horizontal position aka having sexual intercourse, sex, coitus.

It seems that tall men are divided on their preferences.

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Realize that life is giving you a big opportunity to improve yourself. These people were just like a rat on a wheel, hoping to somehow get what they want with no effort or taking responsibility for their own situations.

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I mean, that one did need to be updated some way. It made me feel good on the rare occasion when someone came on there with a big real-life problem instead of one in their head and the forum was able to really support them and show them the way out. Many other forums would bring up this issue too like Soompi.

Some tall men prefer their female partners to be petite and others like someone closer to their height to avoid neck pain when bending down for the kiss.

We'll see if anything else happens, new site, whatever. And you will never understand. There was an app but it was hard to read on. I am very touched that so many people have found this post and commented saying it has helped them in some way.

So learn to let go.

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There were some stupid rules, as if this site wasn't for 18 years old and over but for grade school kids. Why do I do things I know are foolish? And so you will be left helpless.

That site, due to the subject matter, attracted lots of trolls you can't say "troll" at Loveshack and I know how big a job it is to keep track of them and research and ban them, so I have some sympathy for mods. And understand that your shortcomings and your mistakes do not define you, but that you can rise above them and even make them into something beautiful.

Why do I hurt people? If I do, I'll come on here and let people know. Another was a professional, and she posted excellent advice.

Another thing is you can't judge that a person is a loser because they post a lot.

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It takes all the humor out of it. The right concluded perspective is that the optimum height difference may not be a difference but a height ratio, or height proportion.

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I have no opinions or issues with the website. You are here on earth to constantly change and improve yourself, to become the best you can be. A lot of women wanted to throw their point of view in there.