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Seen in "Duped", the future-telling coin which was created from a fire in a casino, which burns the user's hand with each use. In "Runaway", Myka briefly tries to convince Jinks' ex that Steve is incredibly sexually active. This is also affirmed by Artie.

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Like the whole world just disappeared In "Insatiable", she does so in a conversation about the living dead. To equate judgement and wisdom with occupation is at best All Myths Are True: I'm still hoping for an answer.

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The cameras show his specific targets playing a part in him being unable to help her. Wells, for crying out loud.

Jesus was a carpenter. Shown in "Implosion", the Masamune sword is so sharp that it can cleave rays of light, effectively making its holder invisible.

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Delivered bone-chillingly by Claudia during the season 3 finale. The Regent from "Emily Lake" was chosen because he has a Masters degree in American history, but works as a grocery store manager.

Warehouse 13 is part of the "Syfy-verse," existing in the same fictional universe as Eureka and Alphas. And probably not the way you think they'd be. This waitress is a Regent?!? Another one, Pete's mother is an elementary school teacher.

This series provides examples of:

Liam sees right through it. After wearing it enables the three of them to find MacPherson's trail, Artie realizes that the glasses they were using were just a replica; apparently anyone who put on the original pair never wanted to take them off. When Jinks reveals his orientation to Pete and Myka in "Love Sick", Pete's immediate reaction is to take his shirt off, since he believes Jinks will appreciate his chiseled abs.

The Warehouse's autovac, seen in "Breakdown", is apparently intelligent, but its clumsiness nearly killed Claudia. John Adams was a farmer. Seen in "The Ones You Love", a box made from the skin of Ignacy Hryniewiecki assassin of Tsar Alexander II of Russia by suicide bombing turns the one it attaches to into a walking bomb if someone touches the tattoo on the box with their skin.

Dragoncon speed dating, light and matter coalesced, and a 3D-projected Sherman tank became solid enough to shell the crowd.

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