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We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. They worked on the flashback sequences in the episode, which they tried to make "very dreamlike," identifying as Dexter's "Dark Passenger," which urges Dexter to kill as explained in Lindsay's novels.

Leehowever, Debra deduces that Trinity could not have been the shooter. Dexter, taken aback, replies yes.

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That makes him alluring, in a strange way. Hinckley praised Hall's dynamic Emmy -worthy performance, and the "indispensable and haunting" narration. She was immediately remorseful for saying it, however, and apologized. She investigates the files on Harry's informants and interviews them, hoping to find the one Harry slept with.

Once on the road, Debra seizes the steering wheel and plunges the car into the bay, intent on killing herself and her brother.

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Debra admits that she understands why Dexter takes the law into his own hands, and tells him that she will not stop him as long as he does not tell her about it or interfere with Miami Metro investigations.

Hall received rave reviews for his portrayal of Dexter. Dexter theorizes that the killer murders his victims in extreme cold, explaining the absence of blood, and might be using a stolen refrigerated truck.

Quinn decides that his relationship with Debra is more important than his supposedly unfounded suspicions about Dexter, and stops his investigation.

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Miami and Miami Vice. Has that been pushed to the backburner, or should we expect more fallout?

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In a state of shock, she shoots him dead. Looks like your cookies are disabled.

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We would hear something about a U. But for our fans, it will be interesting to see how that relationship grows or evolves. One of the files is shown to be Laura Moser Sage Kirkpatrick. If the central idea from the pilot on was: In the novel Darkly Dreaming DexterDeborah finds out that Dexter is a serial killerand appears to accept it, although she is sometimes torn between her love for her brother and her duty as a cop.

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But I wouldn't bet on it. In fact, it's really good. Now working as a private investigator, she is chasing after — and sleeping with — drug dealer Andrew Briggs Rhys Coiro. Critical reaction[ edit ] Reviews of the pilot were generally positive. Anything that was a part of his life that gave it meaning is gone.

Dexter ultimately decides not to kill him, however, and asks her to arrest Saxon. Debra eventually threatens to have Lila deported upon finding out that she murdered her ex-boyfriend.