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Control-wise, I had to think a little harder. I wondered if these settings could be used to better suit the controller for heavier loads.

The SK3 and P80 make such a great sized package that I was determined to see if the lower ratios could be used as a building block for drivetrains. For reference below, the signal side pinout nonsense of a dlux a controller: Second, not shown in this video, it would reset on hard acceleration.

Your pin mileage may vary.

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Modern hobby motors are usually well under 0. While we never overheated and cooked the windings, the brushes were the first to give out, taking out the commutators when they did.

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The best consistent drivers in the heavies know the dynamics of their own robots and use it to their advantage each match. Idenfiy what default polarity the pins are. Otherwise, it seemed to drive great, and so long as it kept moving or had enough inertial to keep both sides in motion, I could drive around as I usually would.

I also needed to put together a frame that held the wheelpods, and would end up weighing around pounds. Following this test, I actually reached out to the SimonK himself, through the e-mail on his website, showing the video and my up to this point detective work and asking if he had any guidance.

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Finishing sadbot We pick up where we left off, which is mechanical completion of the frame to the point where I could start putting in the motors into the Overhaul drive pods. Note which pin this is. First, the controller was still losing track of the motor during reversing and when I moved the stick quickly enough to try and start.

I was truly surprised it could move at all. And finally, it should be inexpensive enough to be Design speed dating investigating over a known DC motor solution.

This put the SK3 shaft at basically the exact right length to engage the pinions.

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The firmwares offer many configurable options, including reversing. But ultimately, that gearing turned out to be too hard on the Ampflow F30 series motors. The SK3 is barely smaller than the P80 — 60mm vs. I performed these mods on my ESCs and did a demo video on how it affected a relatively high inertia load like a blade.

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It might not be optimal in all of the spaces, but it will be enough to make it worth my while. This is done by powering on the controller with the stock firmware and using an oscilloscope to check pin levels. Our Programmers are capable of building custom web applications, retaining simple functionality and ease of maintenance.

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Brushless motors have been in use for several years as weapon motors, especially in the smaller weight classes. CrocBot, a 60lb design from the early s. Hey, looks pretty okay! Hypershock himself helping wire up Sadbot, since he was also sort of vested in the outcome.

Here is test number 1. I could instead use the faster winding and simply gear down more to trade the excess speed for more torque. Small robots are comparatively easy; that is, they have much less inertia, as well as a higher inertia to power input ratio i.

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After consistent behavior with the big motor, we decided to just throw it on there and have at it! Special requirements of drivetrains are the ability to handle inertial loads recognizing that steady acceleration is necessary instead of forcible commanding a higher drive frequency, for Design speed datingrapid reversing, and DC-motor like near-stall behavior, if fully stalled behavior is not possible.

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Industrial and commercial systems, such as e-bike parts, servo drives, and the like: I added a bunch of rubber shock mounts for mounting the eventual top plate.

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Depending on the ESC and method of drive, it might need one set of pins to be default-high instead of default-low, with oppositely-conventioned PWM.

There was likely a pin on the microcontroller you found when you were trying to match up the phase sense pins that read some other, higher resistance value to Dating ni phase.

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Dassnagar has over 1.