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YEs - I lack self-esteem - and that could be the highest part of my depression I dont do drugs or drink or anything. Sometimes, most of the time for me, when I am depressed, I do not know why.

Biology of depression The pathophysiology of depression is not yet understood, but the current theories center around monoaminergic systems, the circadian rhythmimmunological dysfunction, HPA axis dysfunction and structural or functional abnormalities of emotional circuits.

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I used to have many friends but know they are all just disappearing for instance many have left school to do apprenticeships and I have just lost contact with them. Depression is the top cause of disability in the U.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach. I am tired all the time and it is irritating for me to pretend to be all smiles in front of my family.

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I am 25 years of age and have had a rough few years in the past living alone with only a handful of friends. However, it is important to treat this condition so you can manage your emotional states and live a productive, full life.

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FDA published a systematic review of all antidepressant maintenance trials submitted to the agency between and I knew I wasn't happy but I didn't think this was depression.

John's wort can have dangerous drug interactions with some antidepressants.

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How to get out of this funk? National Institute of Mental Health.

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In the typical pattern, a person wakes very early and cannot get back to sleep. Tomorrow is another day so take every day as it comes. Obviously this process takes time, So why don't you start right now, by shutting down the computer and going for a neighborhood walk.

Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy IPSRT is used often in treating bipolar disorder as well — as this form of psychotherapy focuses on the stabilization of daily rhythms — sleep, wake, mealtimes — to introduce consistent routines to better manage moods.

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I think I am suffering from some form of depression. I stay in very good shape, and exercise as well as anything else I do is temporary at best.

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I have been trying a few diets. I agree with the exercising thing, I go for a walk every morning and that always helps getting the fresh air, being with loved ones, i agree with cleaning and redecorating too, I have tried every med, therapy, and home remedy i could find and they all make me feel worse.

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Changes in mood are a natural, normal part of life.