Is He Shy or Not Interested? 15 Signs to Decode His Behavior Is He Shy or Not Interested? 15 Signs to Decode His Behavior

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You look at them all the time because you find them adorable.

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A guy who leans in while talking or listening to you is definitely interested in what you are doing and saying. If he truly likes you, he may get annoyed watching you talking sweetly with another guy.

Sometimes, when people get nervous, their mouths go dry and cause them to lick their lips to keep them hydrated. When a guy is hardcore into a woman, he will flick his eyes towards her as much as possible.

Make sure to note the difference so you can tell them apart.

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Guys tend to use their hands to go along with their conversation a ton more when they are talking to a girl they really like.

Is he shy or not interested? This is a sign that tells you there is no doubt in him liking you.

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Keep your eyes peeled, though, as this gesture is usually a pretty quick and subtle one. Their body language is different than ours and it can be troublesome to decode what they are really feeling.

When a guy stretches his hands, especially an upward palm, towards you, it is his way of signaling to you that he wants to get closer to you and for you to get closer to him. There are so many different ways a guy tells you he likes you without saying a single word.

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Do you find this guy staring at you constantly? Is there a man who tries to quickly smooth out wrinkles when you walk in? Or, if you find him standing next to you, almost in your personal space, he is letting you know that he likes being close to you and prefers it over any other distance apart.

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That means your opinion is the most important and he totally is smitten with you. He can really only work up the nerve to greet you, but anything else it just too much for him. Guys who are shy can sometimes make the best boyfriends. Does the guy stand up straight or stiffen up when you walk past him?

Does He Like Me? 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language

Tf2 matchmaking crash questions answered ] 3 He waves or says hello but then is very quiet. When you actually catch him in the act of staring, does he turn really red?

And at times, he may even walk away. So just know that if you are confused about a guy liking you, get his phone number.

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If you want to know if a guy likes you, try flirting with another guy when this guy is around. The trick is knowing whether or not they want you to pursue them.

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Follow Keith on Twitter. Does he take no modesty in touching your arm or knee? This is just polite behavior. Those are two signs that he may be frustrated, confused or bored! Guys often touch or stroke their face when they are really listening to what you have to say.