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People will always think they know your situation better than you do and give you conflicting, hurtful, and confusing advice.

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Two days before i went to get my results i told my husband that i had been for a biopsy and he went absolutely ballistic smashing the bedroom up and manhandling me to the point that i had large bruises on my arms and legs. When he is drinking, he is distant and absent even when in the same room as me.

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I care and treat my own life, health, and marriage the way I want to. His alcoholism was under control when he was working, mainly because he worked from 5: I do not let his behavior change mine or who I am.

There is more to life than silent suffering. Everytime i have been ill he totally ignores me for days on end, not even coming into the bedroom to see if i am ok.

Some space for you to explore your needs and find some strength.

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He comes home around 3 and he wakes me up by screaming at me about just random things. We have known each other 18 months. I just need someone to vent to once in awhile.

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What a waste of a life. And i forgot to mention he has bad anxiety and takes paxel for it, along with Deanna lorraine dating coach addictions.

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Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. Once I moved back, the old habits were evident. However, he drinks at least 4 — 8 a day after work and if hard alcohol is available he goes for that first and he will drink it straight.

But, regardless, I can tell by his eyes and demeanor when he drinks.

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It would only cause more tension. Alcoholics have to blame others, so how could he blame you for ending the marriage if he left? However, I am also available by telephone.

You are worried because you care. Then opportunities just started opening up for me and with her coaching and executing her strategy every week I started meeting so many women.

Would you want your children to stay in a bad marriage no matter what?

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He is learning to be a parent through me, but I am sorry to have ever met him sometimes, and would not choose to be with a drinker ever again. Right after he was fired, I caught him drinking out of the vodka bottle at 9: They will even try to put blame on you.

However, the best thing for you to do is look after yourself: What to do with our 3 year old daughter?

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I feel I have accomplished something rare and nearly impossible! Of course he knows the dangers as I have bombarded him like people have bombarded me with every health article and other media I could get my hands on. He stays in garage until its time pass out.

He does however admit that he is an alcoholic and has made it very clear that he has no intentions of quitting.

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I try to keep my identity and my own interests, etc. I was finally detached from his issues that were stressing and worrying me daily. If you were local, you could book an appointment to see me.

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