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The term "Winder" was never officially recognised by Winchester, but became Older sex dating household name nonetheless. Now why do I own so many The Legacy is one of those rifles that has a unique quality that is hard to explain, but easy to feel.

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I go to Turkey Shoots! This mentions the Winchester. Probably the best since they are tapered from back to front as one long choke.

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When I hear some story told of a grizzled old cowpoke toting a Winchester, I know that it means a levergun, even though Winchester produced some of the finest single shot rifles of the nineteenth century. Thankfully, they have now moved the safety to the tang, which is a much better place for a safety if you must have one.

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The Model in. Baldy with good results.

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John Bengel in Richmond made several barrels for me that outshoot every factory barrel I ever seen or owned. Thus, rifles so configured seem unlikely to have seen the light of day until later in Above is an artistic representation of a Winchester 74 similarly configured These rifles were supposedly intended for use, by specially trained Home Guard underground units, in the event of an invasion of the U.

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Should you know more of the service of either of these two rifles with the British military or Home Guard during WWII, or even perhaps own an example, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

The rear-sight is a traditional ladder type shown in the long range vertical position. Interestingly the Gunnery Memoranda goes on to mention the Farquhar Hill rifle also being used as part of the training syllabus. It is the way the barrel was bored! I have long been a fan of the.

Earlier models had the rear-sights mounted further forward on their barrels.

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Iron sights of the Legacy Model 94 are excellent, including serrated gold bead front sight topV-notch rear sight centerand Marbles' superb rear tang sight bottom.

The Colt depicted is a Third Model Dragoon percussion revolver ca. Fowling pieces for the very affluent were often lovely works of art, but impractical for hunting.

The Legacy has a beautifully tapered twenty-six inch octagon barrel.

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The walnut buttstock has a gently-curved pistol grip, and wears some nice checkering, as does the slim fore end. The United States ordered 10, in caliber.

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The text is somewhat small, so we copy it alongside the image. The overall length is forty-four and one-eighth inches. The wood is dark, and the bluing is deep.