Froyo and More Food Words Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary in | Houston Press Froyo and More Food Words Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary in | Houston Press

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Emily Brewster, associate editor of the Merriam-Webster, told the Houston Press via phone that froyo, "the playful clipping of frozen yogurt Even the folks at Merriam-Webster aren't percent sure, so while their official etymology in regular speak: We aren't always running the hot new terminology.

Gwendolyn Knapp is the food editor at the Houston Press.

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And yes, he's aware that including crunk in the dictionary suggests that it's no longer a "cool" word this actually happened sometime aroundbut that's just another part of the process: Vibe magazine, magazines on pregnancy and sailing, math journals, physics journals, soup-can labels, menus.

We found the earliest evidence of froyo dating back to If the editor of a newspaper can publish a word and he or she expects readers to know what it means, we'll include it. Most of these are essentially worthless but crafters sometimes are interested in using the pictures.

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Yes Anonymous December 17, found this helpful if there is no value as a book, there might be value for crafters Google such searches as "libraries that have lost all their books in disasters. As for entries such as sriracha or cordon bleu, which seem as if they'd be listed in the dictionary already, Brewster said, "A word can seem ubiquitous to people who pay attention to a particular field, but my grandma in Long Island doesn't know sriracha.

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By cybergrannie [32 Posts, 3, Comments] December 9, found this helpful Most of these types of reference books dating from are not very valuable, but of course, there is always the exception.

I think there is a list on the internet. Everything is now online and updated constantly as trying to get info on old books is a popular item.

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Please cherish your dictionary for the joy it contains -- maybe give it t a grandchild if you have one - -or maybe hold it for when someone you care for gets their first apartment or home of their own.

That's because "crunk" is one of roughly new additions to "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary," joining words like "speed dating," "telenovela" and, yes, "ginormous" in linguistic immortality. One of the main things to remember is - old does not always mean valuable.

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Officially defined as "a style of Southern rap music featuring repetitive chants and rapid dance rhythms," crunk — and all the new additions to the dictionary or neologisms, as etymologists call them — was selected from a list of roughly 17 million words and phrases that have entered the public lexicon in recent years, through a process that's both incredibly complicated and, well, pretty basic.

There are thousands of words we're monitoring for assessment.

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Sokolowski said that "hyphy" is already on their watch list, with plenty other words on the horizon. You can check online for what is currently for sale and also what people are actually paying.

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It's no longer cutting-edge," he laughed. Another option is to look for libraries that have lost all their books in fires, etc.

I learned to read off the backs of cereal boxes and comic books.

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Sadly, most of these wind up in the trash. Sometimes, words will have a quicker adoption, like tweet, which got entered in a short period of time.

You can't read anything without a pen in your hand.