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Their most famous son was Pat Nash, one of the political bosses of Chicago in the 's although he had a reputation for honesty.

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Return to the top Our Social Role Social infrastructure - The social dimension of the city and rural services is recognised by the State. John Nash, the architect who was primarily responsible for the look of Regency London, was from a Welsh family.

Achieve this by exceeding customer expectations, maintaining a competitive cost base, making best use of our public transport and network management skills, and making better connections with customers, stakeholders and communities Return to the top Our Logo The Irish red setter - friendly, reliable and fast - as we aim to be in serving our customers.

Our business activities also create employment for people in many other sectors who supply us with services and materials.

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We have the lowest level of State support, and a wider range of services in a less favourable market environment, than our counterparts among bus companies in Britain and Europe. Francis Nash settled in Braintree, Massachusetts around Nash was an ancient parish near Pembroke and this area of south Pembrokeshire was and has remained an English enclave.

Why do people go dogging and who actually does go dogging? Beau Nash was the arbiter of fashion in Bath in the early 's.

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Amaziah Nash was a shipbuilder there in the early 19th century but then lost his money and moved out to Iowa. His brother James acquired The Noak in Martley and these Nashes remained the squires of Martley for the next three hundred years.

Nash McKay Family History.

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Return to the top We offer a wide range of services catering for different customer groups and market sectors: Basically dogging involves outdoor sex with strangers or watching other strangers have sex. He died in In Wales, the name first appeared in Haverfordwest in the early 's in its latinate fraximo meaning "ash" form.

Andrew Nash who acquired the Woolpack Inn in Parramatta in and became well-known for the prowess of his racehorses.

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The first fleet sailed from England in carrying marine William Nash and his common law wife Maria Haynes. The earliest was probably William Nash and his family from county Cork who came to Nova Scotia in By the 's, a Nash family owned an estate at Great Nash in Llangwm parish and were local gentry.

They were replaced by Irish as the nineteenth century went on. A further 1, are sub-contracted in the School Transport Scheme.

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More than 40 percent of the Nashes were then living in London and the southeast. John Nash became the mayor of Worcester and used his wealth to found the Nash hospital there in Maintenance - Our drivers are supported by a team of highly trained maintenance staff based at 15 depots around the country.

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Activities at these depots range from daily fuelling, washing and cleaning of buses to planned inspection and servicing procedures designed to maintain the fleet in top condition at all times.