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Not for Every Man Ultra low jeans may be trendy and stylish but that doesn't mean everyone can wear them. From skinny to straight, men can be sure to find jeans done in a low rise by Guess. Wanq Men's Wear This unique clothing company specializes in men's clothing that is designed to be both stylish and sexy.

This style of jean sits lower than the waistline and is meant to flatter a slim build. Check Hot Topic for select styles of these men's jeans, such as the Rude Jeans line available at Hot Topic also has a number of unique styles in low rises, including vintage washes, bright colors, and super skinny fits.

Knowing what brands and stores feature this style will help guide you in your search.

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Diesel Diesel Dubai casual dating a range of denim for men. Here's what to pair with your brand-new jeans. The clothing is based on a character from the movie Fight Club, an aggressive soap salesman named Tyler Durden.

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Select a jacket that blends in, because jeans that are ultra low can be pretty daring on their own. Here are some of the collections that offer the clothing you'll need to dress like Tyler Durden: The shirt worn with ultra low jeans is the make-or-break item.

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Wrangler You may be pleasantly surprised to find that Wrangler makes a low rise jean for men. Styling Tips If you've found the perfect pair of jeans, chances are that you want to style them. This is arguably the best place on the web to recreate his fashion sense.

If you're a fan of the movie but you don't feel like embracing the flamboyance required to sport his style, you can always pick up a t-shirt or two with a quote from the movie. American Eagle's boot cut jeans for men are described as sitting extra low at the waist. If you have tighter low rise jeans, you can select sweaters and hooded sweatshirts with longline appeal.

Hot Topic Offering trendy clothing for men and women, this store is popular for skinny fits and edgy jeans. The mind behind the hit wardrobe was costume designer Michael Kaplan.

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In order to match your low rise jeans, you should try a leather boot for men in either a pointed, "cowboy" style, or something rugged, with a lace-up front and heavy-duty soles. It's quite easy to look like you're wearing Tyler Durden clothes with a little bit of time and some seemingly haphazard yet well thought-out pairings.

They're great for artistic types, too, because they allow you to put together unexpected colors and patterns. Those who are daring enough to bare more will enjoy wearing this style of jean.

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It's ideal because you can make your own Tyler Durden t-shirt with any design template you like. All jeans come with the Diesel logo, stud detailing and stitched trim. You can easily find the shirt, jacket, pants, shoes and accessories with just a quick search.

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If you are wearing super tight jeans, consider something classic like a trench coat or bomber jacket. Personalized Clothing For a Tyler Durden look that is more on the personalized side, you'll want to shop at places that allow you to create your own designs.

He has also been in charge of dressing the casts of movies such as Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Seven, Flashdance, and more. There are tees here, but you will also be happy to know that you'll find sunglasses and coats, depending on when they're in stock. Some are quotes, such as, "We are defined by the choices we make.

They have five pocket construction, whiskering at the hips as well as belt loops and a zip fly. Fashion Outside the Box If you aren't afraid of a little-or a lot-of chaos in your wardrobe, Tyler Durden clothes may be up your alley.

If you shop online at Diesel. Try to stay away from bright colors with your shoes.

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It can't be too short, because that would be too revealing, and it also can't be too clingy, either. Here, you will find a collection of Tyler Durden t-shirts. If you are cultivating a preppy or collegiate look with low rise jeans, select a sports jacket or blazer.

Similar tops are especially sought after. For a trendy low rise jean, check out the following styles: