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The company distinguished itself with novel advertising and with recognizable models of known brands such as popular automobiles, Ford farm equipment, and Chicago Yellow Cabs.

Holiday items including 3 pages of Halloween items; snow globes; yo-yos ; plush animals; magic tricks; push puppets ; and tons more. Some early ones attempted to depict moral virtue and a pious demeanor; some illustrated actors and actresses for use on accompanying paper stages.

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But it seems that modern youngsters or their nostalgic parents can also be charmed by toys from days gone by. By the s, adult modelers—mostly men—founded the National Model Railroad Association with local chapters in every state.

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Many fantastic hard to find board games are pictured: Dolls after excluding Barbie According to some historians, the midth century marks the golden age of American doll making.

Penny Tunnell, of Past Times, says: BigTrak Remember the six-wheeled tank that let you become part-programmer, part-driver?

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This is a very rare; and highly sought after catalog. The simplest aviation toys replicated the earliest planes. FLAIR fashions for Playskool originated in the s with two teachers designing toys for classrooms.

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Color illustrated; balloon tire bikes. Mamod live steam toys. Meanwhile, building and furnishing dollhouses and miniature rooms is a popular hobby for grown-ups.

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It dates from around the early 20th century when, simultaneously, one of the Steiff brothers saw dancing bears at a circus and decided to reproduce them, and Teddy Roosevelt in America refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting so had a 'teddy' bear named after him.

Potato Head and with toy lines featuring Barney the purple dinosaur and the Teletubbies.

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Dollhouse Furnishings, Miniatures, and Miniature Rooms Miniature replicas of things in the real world have Otaku hookup and fascinated humans for centuries.

Start up a collection of these priceless memories with the help of this hub.