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Do not give medical advice or attempt to diagnose other users. Most people think of OCD as laser sharp focus on organization and cleanliness.

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Could you imagine being married to this guy? We've talked on the phone a lot too, and I guess I just never talked to him while he was dealing with anxiety.

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If you do not have the disorder yourself, then you need to understand that we are not your burden; we are people. The best partners for people with OCD are the ones who know how to talk us down off the ledge.

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Learning about the disorder is the first step to understanding what kind of partner you need to be for your loved one. It would be wonderful to hear from sufferers and partners alike, to arm me with as much information as I can to ensure that my relationship survives.

He also claimed that we "were not dating With this in mind, I feel that I can impart some advice to anyone who has started dating someone with OCD. We went to a pub.

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Why should therapy be any different? Three months and no kiss is so out there its ridiculous. I realize right away he's very anxious this time around.

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I did not have a perfect marriage - my husband was very controlling - but it was a long one 16 years with happy moments and two gorgeous sons to show for it. People have to want to help themselves. Our minds don't work in the same way yours does.

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The only thing that is bothering me is that he has not kissed me. LitNerd09 Member 6 years on site 48 posts Hello everyone!

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Is this another symptom of OCD? For more information, please see reddit's user agreement and this post.

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Author Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 of 4 total Reply To: He was excited to be Dating someone with ocd forum me, texted me all the time asking how my day was, complimented me, took me out on great dates.

OCD is not synonymous with the mild feeling of annoyance caused by things like thisthisand this.

Dating someone with ROCD

Although it's true that some forms of childhood OCD have been found to work themselves out by adulthood, it's most likely that if you're dating someone with the disorder, then they have it for life. It's so helpful to know that during his 'episodes', it is not him, but the ROCD that is saying the cruel things.

I would also recommend that he see his counselor again. I want to gain more understanding of how these thought cycles work, and what I can do when they kick in. We just endure the world differently.

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He has stopped hanging out with all of us. It was like once everything "clicked" and we felt comfortable and other people started commenting on how great we were togetherhe freaked. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 of 4 total Author May 20, at 5: During the last 14 months we have had 4 times when we were on the brink of splitting up, all because of what I now know is his ROCD.

However, for us with OCD, heightened anxiety or stressful situations exasperate our obsessive tendencies. May 21, at 6: There are other things as well, slamming his car door multiple times, putting something down and picking it up multiple times, etc.

We started seeing each other again in July, and things were great. Communication and collaboration is key here. I think you should have got kisses before you satisfied him orally.