5 Things I Learned Dating A Med Student 5 Things I Learned Dating A Med Student

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There are times where you just won't be able to talk to your SO, as much as both of you would like to. Last time he stuck that ophthalmoscope in my eye I smacked his hand away.

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Emily just graduated from residency, and is married to her former med school classmate - she discusses their story more here.

That being said, there are always difficulties with this as well.

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So for a bit of my own background: Everyone has something their good at, so if they happen to do really well in micro, and you happen to do better in pharm, learn from each other, and then be happy when the other does well. From the handful that are, they rarely ever date girls in med school i.

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I know some of you have asked more about him, but I prefer to keep that part of my life a bit more private: Posts made by accounts with less than 10 comment karma or less than 3 days old will be automatically removed.

It was our victory, and we twirled into the honeymoon phase of our future solidified, not even considering that this would test our relationship. For them, hitting the books 8-to hours a day is not uncommon, nor difficult.

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No disrespect to these professions, and I'm sure they can be fairly challenging because I've worked in some of these fields, but I all Brooks dating 21 year old all I see very few of these guys dating women in medicine.

Their study habits will make you feel like a complete slacker.

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The whole reason I started this blog is because I was sitting around alone while my boyfriend had to study, so I started doing something that I could do on my own. Having them know your partner and having your partner know them just alleviates a lot of problems.

Make sure you read this article she was interviewed in, that discusses the challenges and joys of being married to a doctor. You may want to tell them all about the crazy thing you dissected or cut open or learned, or how hard certain situations get during rotations, but they also have a life that they want to discuss or tell you about.

That itself is fine- what's more disconcerting, is that most of these guys have long-term relationships with women in much less rigorous professions i.

It's not that we are spending real time together when we study, but it's nice that we can get up and go on a quick walk or grab coffee when one of us needs a break. All LDRs have their hardships, but I feel because medical students rarely get free weekends or nights that it makes it pretty hard to always stay in touch.

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Medical students hardly have enough time to learn how to not kill people, let alone maintain a healthy relationship. Laura is now a fourth year medical student who took a research year between third and fourth year to have an adorable baby girl and to start planning her wedding to her ridiculously handsome classmate.

Also, that ophthalmoscope he keeps shinning in my eyes, and his otoscope? The body rested on a suspended platform.

I know there's one girl in my class who has a standing 6 PM phone call with her boyfriend who lives several states away - it's right when he gets home from work, and right before she goes to the library.

Sending a quick text to check in or say hello or ask how their day is a little thing that can make a big different to the person who misses you.

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Nevertheless, we were optimistic.