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Visitors can see original structures such as the mills, an original boiler, the stamp mill, an elevator, the boardwalks, the church, the five saloons, and so much more.

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Search 10 Best Things to Do in Yuma, AZ Located near the convergence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers in the southwest corner of Arizonaon the border of California and close to the border of Mexico, Yuma was for more than five centuries an oasis for travelers, explorers and adventurers.

The museum has a number of historical tribal exhibits that showcase Cocopah family structures, as well as the way of life, traditional clothing, everyday objects, musical instruments, veteran and warrior displays, beadwork, and tribal tattoos. All palms in the United States today are offshoots of these original trees.

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This remnant of a lively frontier town serves as a piece of history to honor a place where only the rugged and brave could survive. Surrounded by the enormous desert and the huge Colorado River, the chances of escape were slim.

The Camel Farm Located on the outskirts of Yuma, the Saihati Camel Farm is a working farm and a petting zoo that specializes in breeding one-humped camels and taking care of almost other exotic animals from about 40 species.

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The park has showers and restrooms as well. It actually is an oasis, dug out of rough desert land by the hands of Nels and Martha Rogers in State Historic Park, N. There is a lovely sandy river beach, very popular for building sand castles and swimming in the summer.

Kids will love meeting the funny looking camels, huge ostriches, miniature donkeys, a zeedonk — a cross of zebra and donkey, a llama, sheep, a giant tortoise, kinkajou, coatimundi, emu, Patagonian cavy, water buffalo, hedgehog, ibex, wallaroo, and many others.

For more than 70 years, this part of Arizona's Sonora Desert has seen various military activities.

The buildings are furnished with authentic artifacts collected from the surrounding mine shafts. Built in by the first group of prisoners, the prison hosted 3, prisoners in its time, among them were 29 women.

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For more than years, these rocks provided the only river crossing for more than a thousand miles, affecting the history of the entire area. Gateway Park In a city with 35 public parks, there is plenty of opportunity for some outdoor fun.

This sandy wonder is known as Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area, and is one of the most popular film locations for movies involving sandy settings.

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Between the huge desert just outside of the city with dunes that reach feet, and its close proximity to the mighty Colorado River, reclaimed wetlands, and historic ghost mining towns, Yuma, AZhas something for everyone.

Today declared as a National Heritage Area, the Yuma Crossing includes two state historic parks, the Yuma Crossing National Historic Landmark, Internet dating consultants beautiful new riverfront parks with trails and paths, an interpretive plaza with signs that tell the story of the Yuma Crossing, and acres of restored wetlands.

There are about 50 buildings that Nvld dating brought from different locations in the area to form the museum.

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The goods were first brought by ocean vessels to the Gulf of California. This huge sand box is located only 20 miles west of Yuma, which serves as a gateway for all off-road driving enthusiasts — more than a million of them come every year in spite of all the heat.

Army's warehouses kept a six-month supply of food, clothing, ammunition and all other goods for the soldiers stationed in the forts.


The last room of the Museum is dedicated to the commemoration and recognition of Vietnam Veterans. Within the park, visitors can see a replica of a Cocopah traditional dwelling and Ramada. Its legacy lives on thanks to the movie 3: Located in the Castle Dome Mountains, this ghost town recognizes the pioneers who came to make their fortune from silver and copper.

Children can buy food for the pets and feed them, fun for both the children and the animals. After the prison was closed for overcrowding init was used by the Yuma Union High School from toand during the Great Depression as a shelter for homeless.