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He was always there to listen, whether it involved a text about scoring well on an exam or a rant about a tiring day.

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I can read minds. The Guy Your Friends Hate The guy your friends warned you not to fall in love with, but you did so anyway.

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But you know this guy is The One and that is all that matters. Going on one last Tinder date Eventually, being a Tinderella took its toll on me and I decided to go on one last date before calling it quits.

He was from a well-to-do family and would treat me kindly and with respect.

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When I finally agreed, he did a and changed his mind. All in all, it was a positive experience and it helped me stave off the homesickness. You might have to kiss a few frogs first, but bae is out there, somewhere!

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Sure, not all from the male species necessarily fit into these moulds but you have definitely encountered some of these in your life! For the uninitiated, a Tinderella refers to a girl who serially dates through dating apps. Be it good or bad, Singaporean guys tend to create their own stereotypes.

You get to date one!

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The Chuck Bass Cash, car, condo, credit card and country club membership -- the Chuck Bass has them all. They were as lovely as he was. If you meet him in a club, your girlfriends will orbit around you and cockblock him till he's gone.

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Aside from the unbearable heat, the easygoing banter between my date and I took me back to those first Tinder dates I had in Europe. He has a point!

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Learning to say no to guys Many guys on Tinder were straightforward in their requests. For more inspiration, check out our article on 12 Singaporean love stories that will melt your heart.

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Lazy Song by Bruno Mars Tip: The Generic Singaporean This guy literally has no opinion on anything. No wonder he never introduced me to his friends the entire two years we dated.

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Your friends are suspicious but hey he seemed pretty genuine. But he always turned me down.

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Everyone knows everyone in Singapore When I returned home, I realised the Tinder dating scene in Singapore was a different ball game altogether. They were under no obligation to tell me why they were no longer interested, and I probably would have gone mad if I harped on all the possible reasons.

Another said he wanted to put his face between my legs.