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Large area in front of Purwakarta station formerly a motive Dating service pluit depot has been used for scrapping area of the unused economy class Electric Multiple Units sincewhere the non-air-conditioned electrical multiple units had not in service.

A large stabling point and maintenance facilities for electric rail cars has been constructed in DepokWest Java. The library wagon will make exhibition for a week in one station and then move to other station.

One cargo train can replace 40 to 60 trucks. From 25 Aprilthe new regulation, Indonesian Law No. In Java, PT Kereta Api Indonesia has its main diesel workshop in Pengok, Jogjakarta for maintenance of both diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locomotives.

I believe other places in Jakarta offer similar value for money, starting with nearby Ali Baba Steakhouse. The outside doesn't look so great and would need some painting. In this law, track maintenance is handed over to the government via Directorate General of Railways, Ministry of Transportation.

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There is also a small musholla for praying in the back The construction will be initialised in early You have four types of meat, depending on the quality: However, as yet there are no private Dating service pluit of railway services.

Then you choose which piece of meat you want: About 10 minutes later, your meat is ready with some vegetables and french fries the french fries were not very well cooked. There are some changes in railway operators. The parliament of Indonesia has finished an amendment to the current legislation, which is to allow greater role for private companies and regional governments in providing railway services.

My only concern was that the AC was not functioning very well, so it was a bit hot for eating.

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Snacks, meals and drinks are provided for free. The Indonesian government has recently created the Directorate General of Railways, directly answerable to the Ministry of Transportation. Disability wagons[ edit ] On 18 OctoberIndonesian Railways launched Jayabaya train with route Pasar Senen-Surabaya-Malang vice versa north route on all double track with 2 disability wagons include toilets for disability persons, wide doors and spacious area for wheel chairs.

This legislation stated that the government operates railways arts.

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All wagons can accommodate 22 passengers, and only 19 passengers for Nusantara wagon with a queen bed. It will be implemented to other train gradually. One of them is Lawang Sewu in Semarang which attracted many tourists which got Rp.

The inside is similar to that of a warung, basic but clean, with some posters of meat ads.

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Indonesian Railways and Danone Indonesia has made an agreement to carry Danone's water in to Jakarta. Click on the picture to see the menu The menu is quite simple: Do not go for local meat, you will see that it is still far from tasting good.

Exclusive wagon is called as kereta wisata tourist wagonMain users of this exclusive cars are the president, vice-presidenta group of a company for meeting, big extended family, and group of artists or tourists. I tooked the Tenderloin NZ, for Rp 68, Fortunately, it was a great surprise and a place I recommend to everyone, excluding vegetarians.

With the barbeque sauce, it tasted just perfect, and far better than the meat I had for the same prices in some of Jakarta's malls. These are used to repair coaches and wagons.

Legislation[ edit ] Railway operations in Indonesia was formerly regulated by the Indonesian Law No. Exclusive wagon[ edit ] Exclusive wagon is luxury wagon which a whole wagon should be rented for a certain route, because the luxury wagon should be attached to the regular train.

Private companies are allowed to co-operate in operation of railways art.