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Dating remington 1100 serial numbers, comments: 18

I then insert my chosen number of shells into the magazine in the same manner I used to put the first shell Dating remington 1100 serial numbers the magazine.

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To enable the use of a sling, Remington magazine extension brackets have a squared-off section at the bottom with a hole through which a sling stud can be mounted with a separate collar and snap ring. Removing the first couple thread turns from the forward end of the coupling can allow the extension tube some extra travel, but this is a rather advanced modification that will be outside the comfort zone of most Dating sites available although replacement couplings are not terribly expensive if you screw yours up.

This is fairly low compared to other magazine springs, which can have ratios of 15 to 25 or more. In magazine configurations without follower stops, the magazine spring can become over-compressed during loading if the user loses count and tries to jam in one round too many. • Wingmaster manufacture date via serial number??

Since Remington extension tubes use the same thread as the base magazine tube, you can easily make your own custom-length extension tubes out of extra magazine tubes. With outer diameters measured at.

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With the factory cup-style follower, the used spring produced an empty force of 2. The exposed screw can cause minor cosmetic wear to the edge of the groove with heavy use or repeated removal and reinstallation, but I for one would take a little cosmetic wear over clamp movement any day.

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Remington Extension Magazine Clamp Weight: So to help give you the information needed to choose the right extension for your needs, Vitaly and I are working to bring you a series of in-depth reviews of extension kits for the Remington I just continue the motion of inserting that shell all the way into the magazine.

I had some problems with my older trigger plate assembly. When I fire my last shot and there are no shells in the magazine the bolt automatically stays in the open position. As I remember this was a nice ladies gun with a minimal kick but it's been over 20 years since I shot it at the local turkey shoot, still don't need any turkeys.

I'm unsure as to how you get the exact length of the barrel. One of the attributes that makes the venerable Remington so flexible is the fact that its magazine can easily be expanded without having to change out the barrel or the base magazine tube.

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What I'd like to know is how old it is. If the gun has dimples in the magazine tube, these will have to be drilled or pressed out for the extension to have its full capacity. The kits by themselves are widely available, and are also factory-installed on many Police, Tactical, and Special Purpose models.

The stud with or without a sling attached could also potentially provide an improved handhold for an attacker who managed to grab the end of your gun.

After, with a complete NEW assembly, my gun functions the way you want yours to. Testing Magazine Extension Finally, function and reliability with proper installation means little if the extension will just work itself loose under recoil once you start shooting.

If you want something fast, tool-less, and hard to install wrong, a well-designed single-piece extension may be a better fit for you.