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"The All Steel Bicycle"

To use ISO headset parts, you would have to mill the head tube and fork crown: The valve caps often had a short length of rubber tubing covering the valve wrench.

Later models had pedals made by other companies, notably Union. These cables are no longer available.

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This system never exeeded 6 digits, and the reason for its introduction remains a mystery. The window-type trigger had a small round hole in the top plate, through which, depending on the gear selected, you could read the letters: The handlebar clamp diameters on older British bicycles depended on the material of the handlebars, rather than what type of bars they were.

Raleigh was the last bicycle maker to make its own pedals.

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These are mostly seen on bikes from the '30s and earlier. Velo Orange Threadless Velo Orange makes a bottom bracket that clamps into the bottom-bracket shell with internal-expanding sleeves.

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Trigger There have been several different shift controls over the years: You could also install a crank loosely to run a quick check on the chainline. This is not a Raleigh-specific issue, but applies to older British bikes from all makers.

It was slotted to facilitate cable installation, and had a flat side which rested against the frame tube. These worked very poorly.

Cottered Cranks=Raleigh 26 TPI Threading

Given the obvious duplication of serials with bikes produced prior towe suggest that you use the frame's decals Dating raleigh bicycles a supplimentary era guide - please visit our Raleigh Sports Visual ID page for this purpose.

The threads will not be as strong as they would be if the shell was made for standard threading, but this approach generally works well.

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I hesitate to advise realigning a fork unless you have access to a proper jig. Earlier fulcrum sleeves were metal, later versions are plastic. The stamped dropouts had a keyhole shaped axle opening, and the shoulder on the cone fit into the round part of the opening.

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Raleigh Headsets As with the bottom brackets, Raleigh differs from B. The serials from this era, specifically for general production machines Sports, Superbe, Spritewill be located on the seat lug.

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Raleigh used to even offer replacement rubber blocks.