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Dating psychology majors, earn your human services degree and make a real difference.

Listed below are ten of the most popular misconceptions about how psychology works, as well as an explanation as to why they are not true.

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See Chapter 4 for more information on attachment styles. To make matters worse, most of these criminal profiles are actually based on anecdotes rather than actual scienceand hardly any real objective testing has ever been done to test the accuracy of these profiles.

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Acting crazy in the courtroom is not sufficient, you have to prove that you were crazy during the time that you did whatever you were hauled into the courtroom for.

People also tend to pick partners who are similar to themselves in characteristics such as age, race, religion, social class, personality, education, intelligence, and attitude.

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People are more likely to become friends with people who are geographically close. Romantic Love Many researchers focus on one particular form of attraction: Mom and Dad will be so proud!

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But other things could account for this: I took many philosophy classes and it involved reading and smoking a shit pile of weed. Blind people have been shown through studies to use the visual part of their brain to increase the strength of their auditory and tactile senses.

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According to experts, the question is not really about the other person being opposite, or even being like you.

All you need is twenty dollars and a library card. Researchers have found that people in many different cultures place a high value on mutual attraction between partners and the kindness, intelligence, emotional stability, dependability, and good health of partners.

An example of this would be to give a child a cookie every time they go to bed on time. The questioner generally uses control questions and stress to get a good idea of truthfulness, but it is not a very precise tool if you what you need is to be certain.

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But the evidence goes in quite the Dating psychology majors direction. Nurses have claimed that on days with full moons, there are more patients and things are more chaotic; police claim that full moons make people more aggressive. Involves absorption in another person, sexual desire, tenderness, and intense emotion.

Others acknowledge that people may be more likely to have friends and partners who are similar to themselves simply because of accessibility: There are even songs about this, and the idea persists in countless movies and TV shows.

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Studies have shown that there are no more psychiatric visits, hospital visits, or problems with surgical procedures or epileptic attacks on the night of a full moon than on any other night.

Intermittent reinforcement has been proven to be much more effective at preventing the extinction of a particular behavior, which can occur if it has not been reinforced for a while.