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Geneva - Belhurst Castle - The ghost of Belhurst Castle is that of a beautiful Italian opera singer, who fled from Spain with her lover. The original farm house is still intact and was occupied on and off with offices until March of Cazenovia - Cazenovia College - Hubbard Hall - 3rd floor - Residents report having alarm clocks go off and instantaneously their cell phone fly off the desk and door close seconds later no one else in the room besides her.

Supposedly he is an officer who was killed on duty in the area. Sometimes even books fall out of the bookshelves without anyone near them.

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Their home is in the middle of the woods in between two of the popular mansions, The Mills Mansion, and the Vanderbilt Mansion. Camillus - Walnut West Apartments - One apartment in this complex has been said to be haunted by a little girl.

Of course, upon investigation the cook could find no sign of him.

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Angola - Holland Rd - Pigmans Rd - Location of both a tragic train accident and heinous murders of a killer known as pigman. The man had a heart attack and died one evening, his spirit never leaving the hotel again. It was assumed that when laying the cement floor he must have fallen in and no one saw it happen.

The Dating places in new york city of smashing glass is heard when nothing is broken. The dean's response when they wanted to move was "It's March.

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Balls of light, black figures sighted on the trail at night. Shortly after the move a man with an English accent came to the front door saying he wanted to sell some hats. From washers running on their own with no electricity running through them to knocking on walls to footsteps going up and down the stairs with no one else in the cabin is a normal for up there.

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Jamestown - Jefferson Middle School - in 's a girl died in this building! At night you can hear walking foot stepsand doors shutting.

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The downtown area features boutique and local shops that sell antiques, clothing, and more. Glenmont - Henry Hudson park - Haunted slave house - in the Henry Hudson park, there's a road that will take you to the park rite off of RT9w. There are also many unexplored trails that go into woods, that branch off from the trail.

Fort Edward - Fort Hudson Nursing Home - In the basement a man dressed in all black has been seen by several employees roaming the halls it is believed he was once a butler in the mansion that once stood where the nursing home is.

Glens Falls - Glens Falls Hospital - there are many ghosts in the old patient wing built over years ago my mother witnessed a man in a black suit walking down the hall towards her with all the lights on and no body in the halls but the ghosts said to be over ghosts in the hospital.

They are currently renovating it to be a student center.

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No one likes to go in there at night. The beautiful Adirondack Mountains have nearly endless sites, activities, and attractions to entertain visitors with hiking trails passing near lakes and through the mountains.

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Buffalo Buffalo is a city on the eastern shores of Lake Erie in western New York that offers a wide range of activities for any type of visitor.

Visions of men working at the abandoned Power plant then just vanishing Ma dating thin air. Penne with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.

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I live a few blocks away from the original Ample Hills on Vanderbilt Ave. The college then turned the fourth floor of the main building into an infirmary.

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The cemetery is located on a portion of this property.