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It is hypothesized that after visiting his homeland of Germany, Zimmerman began producing the Gutter design under his own patent in Autoharp 2. Music Corporation tried to register the autoharp as a trademark, but it was ruled that the Corporation could only trademark the stylized written word found on its instruments Autoharp 3.

The Oscar Schmidt Company was formally incorporated in Country guitar pickers and blues musicians living in areas of the South and in Appalachia, far from the city, frequently played Oscar Schmidt instruments because they were both inexpensive and available locally. After Dolge returned to piano manufacturing, Phonoharp began manufacturing the autoharp.

But equally important, they were often chosen solely on merits of their superior tone and volume.

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They manufacture Autoharps the name Autoharp is owned by Oscar Schmidtukuleles, guitars, basses, banjos and mandolins. Salesmen distributed the products far and wide, making them available in general, small town furniture and dry goods stores.

Each is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician, your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality.

Each year, the company would offer new " special editions " of its products linked to newsworthy events likely to appeal to the sympathy of customers the salesforce would encounter. The Oscar Dating oscar schmidt autoharp Company was founded in and incorporated in History[ edit ] Founded by Oscar and Otto Schmidt in Jersey City, New Jersey inthe company applied for dozens of patents in musical instruments and related equipment.

InZimmerman sold his company to Alfred Dolge History The Dolge productions Write perfect profile online dating recognized for their innovative decals and "functional refinement" History To provide the best performance, it is essential to replace autoharp strings as necessary, and to use an autoharp tuner.

Today at Oscar Schmidt, premium woods, quality hardware and modest prices create an ideal instrument. From the 's to present day, Oscar Schmidt has designed many new models of autoharp and has created or sells many autoharp accessories.

These special editions would include a small dedication commemorating the event and sheet music also written to commemorate the event.

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It's noted that there were no new modifications to the design, but that the tail cover decals are renowned as some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing History Inthe electric autoharp was invented by Roger Penney.

Oscar Schmidt designed small, portabledurable instruments[ example needed ] intended to be easy to learn, and useful for family entertainment in the decades between the Civil War and the emergence of radio and later television.

It seems that, at first, he tried to combine the two designs by using the shifter bars, but eventually he abandoned his design entirely History Find a dealer here.

At its peak in the early s, the company operated manufacturing facilities in five cities. The instruments were primarily sold door-to-door by travelling musical salesmen from the early s until Still, Oscar Schmidt autoharps are recognized worldwide as some of the most well-made and attractive autoharps around.

Since Gutter was German, it is likely that he had a patent for his autoharp in his native country, but no records have been found History 9.

The company often employed current events as a marketing strategy. It's likely that Zimmerman recognized the flaws in his own design 12in which the felt bars moved horizontally. InCharles Zimmerman was awarded the US patent, but the design for his instrument was different from today's autoharp History 6.

Unequalled standards in easy playing comfort and tone response creates the perfect value Another difference was that Zimmerman's autoharp had a symmetrical design, unlike today's autoharp History 6.

The company prospered through the early s.