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I often have felt when I date men in my age group that I am the one leading the way. An older woman's independence is a strong stress reliever for any man.

An older man can teach you about life and love, giving a vision into your own not-so-far-off future. It is still quite typical, almost cliche to see an older man with a much younger woman.

Until, on our first date, he said that he and his friends started their company right out of collegeā€¦18 years ago. Older men have fulfilled most of the lower needs.

To find that perfect older woman, you might have to consider her plans to start a family. So just go out there, Have fun and date whomever you wish to date and try avoiding the age barrier.

You might be happy to find out that it's possible to carry a meaningful conversation without worrying too much about discussing trivialities.

This leads to condescension and a fatherly patronization that is distinctly unsexy.

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Print Dating people your own age is old news! I encourage most men to give this whole idea a second thought, I bet you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Just go in for it regardless of the age factor and make that relationship work! It can be really helpful when Cole shares this perspective with me.

There is still a ways to go before the idea of a woman dating a man much younger than her becomes fully accepted. There are pros and cons of dating an older man though. You also don't have to worry about returning her home before midnight to meet a curfew.

Uncategorized Pros and Cons of Dating an Older Man When it comes to dating an older man, common arguments can be made about age not being an issue.

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Hence, your experience horizon when dating an older men is broadened and they tend to be rational and perceptive in their decision makings. You must be ready and willing to accept this reality if you are going to get romantically linked with an older woman.

So before jumping into a relationship, find out if she's looking to have kids right away. The 21st century woman is able to handle and deal with a relationship that has a man old enough to be her father involved, yet, still gets to work her way around the relationship and make it flourish.

The Cons Let's start with the not-so-good news.

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Anyone who has dated someone older have pros or cons to add? He is entrenched in his life and you will be conforming to his way of living. Stability An older man has had more time to rise in the ranks of his career.

His shit is everywhere. Divorce Dating Older Men: If you're the one asking, then you should be the one planning the date. Well simply put, younger guys are easily intimidated by a beautiful, classy woman.

But if they have a decent job they actually feel better paying for everything. Wise There is no substitution for experience, and your old geezer has had many more years to accumulate and learn from them.

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Often, older women are newly divorced, and looking to have a good time. This can get very discomforting and normally unsuitable for any young woman out there. After going on dates with a barrage of indecisive and ambivalent guys and being in a relationship with one for two yearsthis was incredibly refreshing see 9: Older men have lived almost all of their hay days accumulating wealth and promoting themselves financially and career wise, thus giving that kind of comfort and financial stability you yearn for.

In this type of relationship, it seems the woman is often in control.

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Advertisement Pro - More Independent They don't have to answer to anybody, they're their own man. I end up feeling like a mother instead of a girlfriend.

Plus anything that is Dating older guy pros cons, is generally not for his age group, and therefore he can be uninterested. Time is of the essence and he must settle down unless he wishes to spend his nights alone, shouting cantankerously at the television during Wheel of Fortune reruns.

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