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Since fleeing the area with her sister's children, Mrs Bibi has been living in a small house in a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore - close to where another woman, Asia Bibi, was arrested and sentenced to death last month for allegedly insulting the religion her Muslim neighbours.

They were carrying spades, hatchets and clubs in their hands,' he added, before going on to say they the mob pleaded with a guard to be allowed to kill the young couple. I took them and my six children and walked through fields of sugarcane and paddy for two kilometers,' she added.

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Again no attackers Dating lahore pakistan been convicted in the case.

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She panicked and started weeping,' he added. They entered the home without knocking.

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It is believed that locals spotted Arabic verses among the ashes and spread the rumour that she had burned a copy of the Koran. Sonia Rani, four, is being cared for by relatives after her parents were killed by a mob 'They went straight to her and started abusing her.

Pictured are campaigners with a sign calling on politicians to ensure justice is done Pakistan minority rights campaigners in Kasur, near Lahore, carry a mock coffin in protest Pakistani security officials have been placed on high alert since the married couple were killed near Lahore A mob accused the couple of desecrating a copy of the Koran who then beat them and threw them into a kiln Advertisement.

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Their youngest daughter - 18 month old Ponam - was with her mother and father when the couple were first locked in the officer as the furious crowd gathered outside.

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She used to work hard as she wanted her children get education,' her sister said, adding the the couple were devout Christians, but had stopped going to church following the accusations of blasphemy as they feared for their lives. It is understood the couple were then wrapped in cotton so their bodies would be easier to set alight.

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I saw my aunt and uncle flouncing [twitching] when they pour patrol on them. They tried for a few minutes but could not break the iron door of the office. They took patrol from motorcycles and doused their bodies.

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After witnessing his relatives being locked in the office, Muhammad rushed to his mother and told them what had happened to her sister, brother in law and niece. Or maybe you just don't have enough free time, and you're letting your dating life suffer because of it.

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And then make a decision and see who is the best match! Those who take part in blasphemy-related mob violence are rarely, if ever, prosecuted.

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They threw them in the kiln. Police Dating lahore pakistan registered a case against people and so far arrested over 50 villagers acussed of being involved in the incident. Around 20 minutes later he following a crowd of eight people heading towards his uncle Shehzad,