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During the Sui dynasty —two military expeditions were launched against the area, and it was renamed Kunzhou in Chinese sources.

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Leading up to the temple is a wooden pavilion which actually utilizes the steep side of the rock precipice as one of its sides. And what's the rush anyway?

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Ming and Qing dynasties[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. The film crew lands in LijiangChina, and Phil explains the Baishui River crossing tourist attraction before filming the explanation for the "Yak Yak Yak" task.

The view from the train The train journeys are a genuine Vietnamese experience in themselves, an integral part of your visit to Vietnam. He loved plum blossoms and cranes.

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The fang he in Fang He Pavilion means "to raise cranes". Tuodong later became part of the successor Kingdom of Dali — The train runs along the South China Sea, snaking from cliff to jungle-covered cliff past beaches and islands, then heads through the lush green mountains via the Hai Van Pass to reach Danang.

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Later, Phil explains that they are now flying back to Sydney to catch a flight to Japan, and at the airport, he plays around on the luggage carouselpretending to be a piece of luggage. By daybreak, the streets are full of cars and people, and Phil remarks on how he loves it when the Race goes to India.

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By entering the pavilion at the base, a person can then climb up and exit the top of the pavilion to reach the temple. They also were tasked with defending China's lifeline to the outside world, the Burma Road and the Ledo Roadwhich had Kunming as a northern terminus.

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Later, while on the way to the Stone ForestBarry has his voice back, and they film the Roadblock segment using time-lapse photography. The crew arrives in ZermattSwitzerland, and Phil films the bus they rode and the surroundings. They head to the Yuhi Falls featured in the "Prayer of Purity" Detour task, enjoying the scenery, before explaining the task to his diary camera and then filming the piece for the show.

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And the sleeper train saves a hotel bill, too. According to legend, the famous explorer Marco Polo was so delighted by the delicacy, he secured the recipe and brought it home with him when he Hookup date to Europe.

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Arriving in Vienna from DelhiPhil remarks on how different the weather is from India, as it is winter in the northern hemisphere. Lin Hejing was a poet and artist who lived during the years of the Northern Song Dynasty. There is a mural inside the temple which illustrates the origin of the Jade Seal Mountain upon which Shibaozhai sits.

The guqin is a plucked seven-string instrument as can be seen in the painting at the left.

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The city government in ordered hundreds of young people to tear down the wall and use its bricks to make a new road running north-south. In the main hall of the temple is a " spirit wall " made from bricks excavated from the Han Dynasty.

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Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand has visited Kunming many times to study Chinese culture and promote friendly relations. An underlined team placement indicates that the team came in last on a "continue racing" leg and was ordered to continue racing, but did not have to perform a Speed Bump.