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Located in the heart of the city, St.

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Here are our experiences after living and traveling in these 2 countries the last 5 years. In the past years, Kosice has been part of the Austria-Hungary empire, then became part of Czechoslovakia after World War One, then became part of Hungary fromthen became part of Czechoslovakia again until the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully split in Kosice has the biggest zoo in Central Europe.

In Moravia it is beautiful wine country and looks similar to Tuscany in Italy.

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The city center features Slovakia's longest promenade as well as it's best preserved historical district. The reason this country is not well traveled is because of poor air service.


As for age ladies 15 to 20 years younger is a realistic age range where you can find your partner. We are ready to work with you and find your partner like we did.

Start to make your dreams come true today! There are many Christians and Catholics in Moravia and it is much more religious then Bohemia.

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Very few of them will make the 4 and a half hour trip to visit men in Prague, they expect men to visit them in Bratislava. The first European coat of arms was granted to Kosice in In general Bratislava is 20 years back in time to the western world while the East of Slovakia is 40 years back in time.

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Dating kosice have an apartment in Moravia and Prague so I can talk about the differences. I spent time in Estonia and had terrible experiences there.

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Its history as a business and creative center continues through today. I am Rodney a 52 year old American who quit dating American women 17 years ago and traveled all over Eastern Europe looking for a partner.

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It was recognized in as the European Capital of Culture. This is the area of the country where my wife is from.

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Below are 10 things you probably didn't now about this beautiful city. Elisabeth Cathedral is Slovakia's largest church.

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My wife has a masters degree, is beautiful on the inside and outside, comes from a great family her brother is a doctor, and is a great mother to our daughter. The Kosice Peace Marathon is Europe's oldest marathon, and the second oldest in the world.

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It happens the first weekend in October. Kosice was a gateway between east and west in the past, and today it still serves as a gateway to six nearby UNESCO World Heritage Sites, four national parks, the Tatra mountains, and the world-famous Tokaj wine region featuring cellars built years ago.

If someone comes here now they would never realize that Prague is Eastern Europe.

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The country is heavily Catholic and religious.