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Artukovich Senior Casting Producer Jerry grew up in So Cal and spent the majority of his childhood at the video store his parents owned.

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Branch is committed to serving her profession and discipline. She is now the in-house editor for Pitman Casting and in the past three years with the company she has done the casting edits for over 50 TV shows adding up to thousands of pitch reels. Creators appreciate her respect of their vision and ability to improve upon it with excellent casting.

Some of her credits include casting shows for E!

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Branch has participated in numerous community events to raise awareness about sexual violence including Take Back the Night and Operation Freefall: As a result, he always knew he wanted to work in film and television so he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Radio, TV and Film from Cal State Fullerton.

She's worked at Pitman Casting since earlyjoining the team as a newbie to casting, but quickly learning the ropes thanks to the tutelage of Casting Director Jacqui Pitman.

She focused on editing and quickly made a career for herself in Los Angeles. Also, his favorite film is Jaws and he hates taking photos.

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Shanae's legacy is contributed to her effervescent and outgoing personality that flames her ability to spot gifted and unique talent. This is where he began his partnership with prominent Casting Director, Jacqui Pitman. Her instincts have proven critical to getting first-year series onto the right track, and to fixing projects that, prior to her coming aboard, were on the wrong.

In high school he worked in movie theaters and video rental chains, but in college he got his first real job in the industry working for the Michigan Film Office assisting to bring in big films like The Island and 8 Mile.

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Sarah currently works as a Casting Producer for Pitman Casting. She is especially interested in the ways in which sexual violence affects college populations and campus communities. Shanae's experience has made her well rounded in all aspects of casting. She is involved in campus initiatives to raise awareness about dating violence and sexual assault, including the Red Flag campaign, One Student and Take Back the Night.

Sarah loves the process of casting: She loves reading, learning, cooking, making jewelry and traveling! Beyond television, John's has always been passionate about Art. He also location scouted and location managed for feature films, commercials, and TV.

He lives with his girlfriend, Amber, and 2 dogs: Currently, her role as a Casting Producer has been most rewarding and successful with her casting ventures which include working with such networks as Bravo, CW, E!

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Jacqui Pitman owes me money! She is an active member of the academic community at The University of Tampa and an enthusiastic participant in University life.

Finally it was time to move to Los Angeles. Outside of work, Sarah considers herself a true nerd. Since graduating, he has worked as a Casting Director on a feature film, wrote and directed Free washington dating sites own web-series, wrote a sketch comedy pilot that was produced by the Fuel Network and finally found his passion in reality TV casting.

Pittman is also Co-Founder of the Hollywood Diversity Association where he facilitates the creation of viable opportunities in the film and television sector by bridging the gap between diverse talent and industry decision makers.

Pitman began his entertainment industry career at the age of 21 as a Casting Assistant for shows such as Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

References Absolute Pleasure "Jacqui and her team pull miracles out of their casting hat. When not trying to find the next big reality star, he enjoys strategy board games, science fiction and hanging out in Long Beach with his wife and two teenage daughters.

She is a race committee member for Girls on the Run Greater Tampa Bay and has been a solemate and running buddy for the program. John is now a casting veteran of hundreds of shows as well as creator for several other shows currently being shopped throughout Hollywood.

To date, he has cast nearly one hundred projects from reality shows and hosting gigs to scripted commercials. Branch is also dedicated to serving the community. Her current research focuses on the secondary impact of sexual assault on secondary victims such as faculty and friends of survivors.