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Storage furniture Chest The principal constructional features of early medieval chests lasted until the Renaissance. Egyptian limestone reliefs also show tables of normal height.

The characteristic feature of laminated board is that the veneer on both sides encloses a wooden board composed of narrow strips of wood glued together on edge. Using timber as a basis and applying techniques such as shredding, heating and glueing, it has been possible to evolve new materials.

That shifted Roy to the second row - a man ahead of his time.

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Finally, since World War IIvarious plastic materials have been used quite extensively in the construction of chairs with seats and backs molded in one piece and provided with a metal base. As a camp stool the form persisted until much later times. The lid is formed by a single curved oak plank that has been roughhewn into shape.

The influence of architecture on furniture can also manifest itself in a lack of ornament. The process is as much part of our heritage as the products produced and it will be necessary for those involved in the restoration industry to change the mindset of trying to compare cut nail and wire nail prices, if the process is to survive.

Paintings show a type of chair with a relatively crude wooden frame; a back and seat, nailed on, consisting of two layers of leather, with horsehair stuffing in between, stitched to produce a pattern of small pads.

An original 7" mm long Roman nail found in Scotland This shape of nail had the benefit of four sharp edges on the shank which cut deep into timber and the tapered shank provided friction down its full length. The design was inspired by the Roman couch as known from reliefs and from excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The shelves were protected by glass doors consisting of an ingenious trelliswork of carved wood. If laminated board consists only of single sheets of veneer glued together, it is known as plywood.

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It is thought likely that ceremonial seats and thrones featured animal motifs partly as a magical expression of the transference of power.

Over the years, the cut nail has faced the problem of competition with its rival the wire nail and its history as the first common nail. Purely functional milk stools Dating furniture square nails typewriting tables are devoid of ornamentation.

Plywood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, particularly as backing for chests and other storage pieces, for the bottoms of drawers, and for shelves.

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The most frequently encountered form of bed in European civilization, however, was the four-poster. Aroundfreely executed imitations of Greek and Roman chairs of the klismos type, with curved legs and backrest, appeared.

When imports of mahogany became common, no specifically new chair designs appeared, but the character of the woodwork changed.

The model owes its popularity to a combination of comfort and elegance. Silver furniture was made for palaces in the days when monarchs amassed enormous wealth.

In striking contrast to lacquer cabinets of Japansumptuous, gilded carved work became popular on the stands invariably made for them when they were imported to Europe.

Cupboard Strictly speaking, the cupboard is a derivative form of the chest. There have been any number of examples of stylization throughout the history of furniture. In the 17th century large numbers of richly carved chairs were produced. The Greek form of chair known as the klismos demonstrates its joints boldly in the form of solid junctions holding the legs, seat, and stiles together.

The wood fibres would often swell if damp and bind round the nail making an extremely strong fixing.

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In contrast to the constructional style is stylization, in which there is no internal conformity between the motifs and the strength of the joints.