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Dating furniture by locks. French furniture, antique furnishings()

General considerations

Functionalist modern Abouta new rationality began in furniture design, stimulated by the emergence of progressive experiments typified in the works and theories of the Bauhausa revolutionary German school of arts and crafts established in and staffed by leading architects, designers, and painters until Hitler closed it in Most such names are stamped in a straight line; a few are in circular form.

In French Rococo commodesonly the back is straight. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods the column was introduced as a strikingly decorative frontal feature in the form of table legs and on cupboards.

The bolt, with four springs attached, extends through the case and out the rear.

Furniture - History |

A familiar solution to the extension of a tabletop is the so-called Dutch system, known since the 17th century from Dutch engravings and paintings, in which the extension leaves, when pulled, slide out on sloping runners.

They were made of iron sheet, rolled into a tube and overlapped, joined either by forging or brazing. When imports of mahogany became common, no specifically new chair designs appeared, but the character of the woodwork changed. Under this frivolous designation the bonheur du jour became increasingly popular during the second half of the century, but seemingly it did not receive its name until aboutand it was probably given to it by one of the dealers although there are entries in Duvaux's account book apparently referring to pieces of this kind.

Later Middle Ages

The most frequently encountered form of bed in European civilization, however, was the four-poster. Smooth transitions achieved between seat frame, legs, and back disguise all the joints, which are solidly constructed on craftsmanlike principles despite the absence of stretchers between the legs.

The carved gilt-wood support, however fine, was considered to be expendable, to be changed in accordance with the dictates of current fashion.

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Factories were needed to produce affordable wooden household furniture for the southern market. The main ward can be seen through the key slot. The Dutch had produced imitation lacquers before this, and the first record of Dating furniture by locks manufactures in France goes back almost to the middle of the 17th century, when work of this kind was being done by Louis Le Hongre.

Medieval beds are known from documents and a few late examples.

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From years of exposure to light and dust these have now lost their original brilliance, but the rare enclosed cabinets of this kind of lacquer, when finely preserved, are evidence of the colourful appearance of these screens when they were new.

It clips over staples, two of which remain, and is held in place by the spring of the "locking" assembly. At Knossos, a built-in throne of stucco, much restored, is often considered to represent pre-Hellenic furniture in the Aegean area.

The term does not seem to have become current immediately. Thonet was successful Dating furniture by locks perfecting a Dating sites for big guys for bending solid beechwood by heat into curvilinear shapes.

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Forms, colours, and materials hitherto confined to shops and laboratories were introduced into homes and offices with programmatic earnestness and considerable stylishness. The design was Classical, in keeping with the traditions of Palladio and the English architect Inigo Jones; the ornament was Baroque.

Some sort of anchor for a strap or cable, perhaps. Benemann took some of Riesener's trade, but his furniture is pompous, pedestrian in design, and much inferior to that of Riesener in its decoration.

Perhaps the most significant innovation appeared in 18th-century England in the bookcase with adjustable shelves and a closed-off lower section for folio files. The term paphose is seemingly of Greek origin, but even Andre Jacob Roubo a menuisier whose L'Art de Menuisier published between is a primary source of information on the menuiserie of the period, confessed an inability to do more than define it as a kind of unusually ornate sopha.

Because of the historic value and interest of these locks, I've shown them enlarged in GWB and C.

Made of cedarwoodthe light framework is higher at the head than at the foot; and whereas the foot is always terminated by a footboard, there is no board at the head.

The Rococo Chinese taste had conventions of its own: His bronzes do not equal those of Riesener for quality. Although the majority of Chinese chairs and tables are supported by straight legs of rounded wood, Chinese thrones and seats for dignitaries have curved legs that, for some unknown reason, may be imitations of elephant trunks.

In England it is commonly called the Regency style. In medieval Europe, inlay work gave way to wood carving and then experienced a rich period of development during the Renaissance in Italy.

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Turned work in ivory also flourished in the 17th century. The average household size was 2.

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It is clear, however, that the animal world has always been one of the primary sources of ornamental motifs in Dating furniture by locks.

For a glance at the cabinets of mid century we may profitably turn to the Inventory of Mazarin's possessions, made in