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It is a 42 foot high quadrilateral mound with a summit measuring x 94 feet. The main core of the collection focuses on etruscan civilisation thet interested in particular Cosimo the Eldest of the Medici family.

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The original Plan of Florence in showed the area as a Public Walk. The bronze Chimera of Arezzo is one of the best known examples of the art of the Etruscans.

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Meanwhile, the state of Georgia has also not committed to the necessary work to connect the freeway from the Alabama state line to Atlanta. The crypt is the oldest part of the church and the high altar supposedly contains the bones of St Minias himself although there is evidence that these were removed to Metz before the church was even built.

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The centre of the nave is dominated by the beautiful freestanding Cappella del Crocefisso Chapel of the Crucifixdesigned by Michelozzo in The adjoining monastery began as a Benedictine community, then passed to the Cluniacs and then in to the Olivetanswho still run it.

Going into the church, one finds that the interior is Romanesque, with three naves and an elevated presbytery and a crypt. State Route is also an important road to Florence and the Shoals area, serving as a four-lane link to Interstate 65 in Cullman.


In addition to the above-mentioned works setting some time aside to visit the section dedicated to the lavish assortment of Etruscan jewels. The crucifix above the high altar is attributed to Luca della Robbia.

Parks[ edit ] Aerial view of Florence Cox Creek Park is home to a children's playground, horsehoe pits, an indoor archery range, and twelve tennis courts.

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The chapel is a collaboration of outstanding artists of Florence: Veterans Memorial Park contains a memorial to the war veterans of Florence and Lauderdale county.

You can also catch the ATAF orange city bus number 12 or 13 to get to the Piazzale and the walk it to the top of the church. The campanile collapsed in and was replaced inalthough it was never finished.

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The tomb was made by Antonio and Bernardo Rossellino. The interior exhibits the early feature of a choir raised on a platform above the large crypt.

Interior of the church. After the return of the expedition, the numerous objects collected during the expedition and during excavations of archeological sites or purchased by local merchants, were equally divided between Florence and the Louvre.

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The highway remains in the planning stages with the Alabama Department of Transportation.