Argus des guitares GIBSON Argus des guitares GIBSON

Dating fernandes guitars by headstock shape & logo,

With all the glitz and gaudiness of the 60's Italian classics, Italia has filled a niche market building guitars with unique looks but also quality parts and tonewoods. Other upscale features include an Earvana compensated nut for perfect intonation, Grover mini-tuners which have a lower mass and overall superior to the common They're quality is top-notch but as Carvin sells directly to the public there is no retail store to take a bite of the profit.

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While I think they were mediocre a decade earlier, by '97 the Korean factories were putting out guitars that rivaled Japan production. His bodies are also unique in that parts are all recessed - back plate, output jack, and neckplate are all recessed into the body, precisely, for a perfect fit.

This guitar features two very good sounding Seymour Duncan-designed humbuckers, which are among the best import pickups I've heard.

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This model comes in figured tops as well and white, but there's something both heavy Online dating site for military elegant looking on a gloss black guitar with black hardware.

The body shape of the Viper is pretty much like an SG, except slightly thicker and the upper horn is slightly longer, rather than symmetrical like the SG.

Other features include white knobs on dual concentric tone and volume controls, 3-way selector, a matching "seal" pickguard, double acting truss rod, flat 14" radius, 25" scale, 21 frets, C-shaped neck. The headstock logo was design such that from a distance it looked just like a vintage Fender.

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Only of the original Ultra GP were ever produced before being discontinued, primarily due to the price which was higher than a Gibson Les Paul from the same year.

They're Duncan Quarter-Pounder style with large pole pieces, plus they have a brass band around the sides, same as the catalog pics. It cuts a figure much like the time-tested Flying V, only more dangerous looking with a few more jagged edges and actually more comfortable with the addition to sleek body bevels.

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Crank up the gain as high as you want, no problem. With the super high output of theyou need a powerful pickup in the neck and the matches it well.

Cosmetically, knobs have been changed to a larger amp style knob, more accurate for fine-tuning settings, and the automotive type logo has been removed from the body. Cosmetically, very clean with no major flaws.

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One other upgrade, and it's significant, the original Gretsch pickups with odd Phillips head pole pieces have been replaced with a very old pair of DiMarzio Super Distortions. This model was made in Korea and is an excellent quality import.

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Has one mod that bears mentioning - someone removed the locking nut and replaced with a plastic cover.