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Dating dunlop cry baby, dating an (old) crybaby

JC95 Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby Wah - Features a dark, punchy voice and a wide sweep with a control on the side for fine-tuning the toe-down frequency. It can be used as a Wah Pedal, a Fuzz Pedal, or both at the same time. This one sounds pretty clean, no crackle that I've been able to discern.

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Models[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Dunlop began using the red Fasel inductor in this pedal inso some Revision "H" models have the black inductor, while others have the red Fasel inductor. The replacement bottom plate definitely should have been mentioned. The rubber feet on my pedal definitely needs replacing after 40 or so years If I were to sell mine, I'd probably mention it in the ad - even if I'd labeled it as being in "player's condition" rather than mint.

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DB01 Dimebag Darrell Signature Cry Baby Wah - Features an extended sweep for more lows and highs, a fine-tune knob, a side-mounted 6-way frequency selector, and a switchable boost with LEDs to indicate wah and boost status.

Bypass switch has improved over the years therefore loss of tone is not as bad. Based off the 95Q but tweaked for bass, with a midrange bite as opposed to the envelope filter-like funk sweep of the Q. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Revision "I" and upward all have the red Fasel inductor.

Usually the base on these pedals has info on it about model number, "made in Introduced by Dunlop in Anyway, I have an italian Jen-made Vox with the same "film can" inductor, which is from the same era. What's yours have on the base?

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From until sometime in this pedal was produced Dating dunlop cry baby a black inductor, which is still available as a spare part from Dunlop. You're right about the base. In any case, how does it sound?

Features Q and Volume controls and comes in a white housing. Rubber feet are one thing, but the base is just a piece of pressboard someone carved out to shape with an exacto knife.

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Has switchless auto-return operation, and a Q knob inside the pedal preset to Butler's favorite setting. I'd agree it's a late '60s pedal, but can't be much more precise than that. Typically the lowest priced model.

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I shoulda known about that. I sent the seller an e-mail telling him I wasn't very happy about it. Mine has a crackle I can't seem to get rid of - the vibrations generated by the kick drum or me stepping on the pedal makes it emit loud cracks, which renders it fairly useless at the moment With the exception of the GCB95F and most of the artist signature models, Dating dunlop cry baby of the newer Cry Baby models use a single-pole switch instead of true-bypass[ when defined as?