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And ONE more thing!

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And there you have it! Ana Suarez - Bridesmaid Jane and I's roommate post college, she saved us from a bad roommate experience we all have stories! Ana, who works in sales, lives in the east bay with her husband and their daughter, Alessandra one of my flower girls.

Keep scrolling for the best White Elephant Gifts 1. My kids would love them! When not working which wasn't often unfortunatelyshe would hang out with Jane and I in Pacific Beach and we would have a blast watching surfers at the Wavehouse, drinking margaritas by the beach, and doing what we do best, dance!

I'm following in her Antarctica footsteps hopefully soon! Jay Veach - Groomsman Jay is married to my older sister Genny. Post-It Note Surprise — leave your husband sweet love notes hidden all around the house.

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A great gift for your favorite redneck! Paul is married to Catherine and they live in San Francisco.

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Our laughs work off of each other and sometimes we can't stop laughing when we are around one another. Genny, who works in alumni fundraising, lives with her husband, Jay one of Mike's groomsmenand their son, Jack my Golshan online dating ring bearerin Burlingame, CA.

Adam is an avid outdoors man and can be found in Tahoe or Yosemite in his free time. Paul has been a friend that Dating divas lottery always been able to help me whenever I've needed it.

Custom Cold Stone Creation — give your sweetie this tasty sweet creation. Jay is an avid duck hunter and outdoors man. Origami Heart — another sweet option!

Mike is married to Natalie. Chris and I connected instantly. Click on the image below to check it ALL out! We both made the move to the North Bay as we've had enough of San Dating divas lottery for two lifetimes. Currently Chris is living on the East Coast with his wife Veronica.

They are expecting their first child, a boy, this January. Well, not if you take a bite out of each one! I am looking forward to having a doctor in the family and the outdoor adventures we will experience in the future.

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Video Slideshow — put together a slideshow of your favorite memories together and have him press play! Due to the distance we don't get to see each other often usually once a year but we keep in contact almost daily through facebook chat.

Diya currently lives in the "middle of nowhere" Illinois, though she is activly looking for jobs back in the Bay Area. But hey, that money could always buy a lottery ticket, right? There they threw, I've heard, some epic parties….

They have a black lab named Buck and a son name Jack. Genny Veach - Bridesmaid Michael's oldest sister, she was the one who trained Michael to open doors, domesticated him at an early age, and show him how to treat a woman.