75+ Dates for a Date Night Jar 75+ Dates for a Date Night Jar

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Date Night Jar - The Dating Divas

Some of the dates are self explanatory, but many of them are ideas from The Dating Divas. Now of course you do not have to decorate the jar. Because you will have some pour out while doing this.

I actually used a wood skewer and broke it in half.

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I am a stickler on customer service and I wanted to let you know how happy I am! This e-book contains 12 date night "recipes".

I'm going into my second marriage and I'm committed to working at this marriage more actively! Mason jar I used a pint sized jar Jumbo Craft sticks I used colored ones that I had already purchased for a color activity for my daughter.

I like to have a plan. I was going to spray paint them, but decided to use the colors I already had.

For a little while after I wipe the rim off because you do not want to have too much paint puddling along the rim. Here is the list and links of the dates I utilized from their site: I have been married for 37 years to a great guy I only dated for 7 months!!

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I printed off so many great ideas and I just can't wait to try them. You will have to do this over newspaper or wax paper.

I am sure you have seen these on Pinterest.

Since I am a planner I try and avoid the situation above at all costs. I am excited to see my husband's reaction to it! Thanks, ladies, for helping me! Then you will swirl the jar around until you cover the whole jar.

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I love mason jars and I love decorating them. Dry time not included. For this project you will need: My husband and I have been married almost 14 years and after adding 2 kids and a full time job to the mix, I have struggled in finding ways to make sure he knows that he is still my top priority.

Next you will pour some acrylic paint into the jar.

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