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A clock for the collector who appreciates an all original surface clock. The movement has been serviced.

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The case is numbered 3 - Original silvered and engraved roman dial, signed S. Superb in every way. New York and Ships Bell. This very fine Shaker Coffin Clock is an example of his uncompromising attention to detail. Dark oak case in all original finish.

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This clock was patented in and the matching serial numbers, 20xxx, date it to the first year of production. Also, the original movement was mounted on wood corbels.

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The clock is number Whitney inand named after his wife, Susan Marshall Whitney. Like Modamily, the site recommends that women go through a licensed fertility clinic and use artificial insemination AI rather than natural NI — sexas their rights are better protected.

He was in his early 30s, and it was easy to see why Swider had selected him for her client pool: The clock is a very Dating chelsea clocks timekeeper.

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Though Swider and Co. Sometimes, however, the dial may have the name of a retailer, or other special name that was requested by the customer. Original in every detail. Most want a co-parent within easy visiting distance, but some European members are open to cross-country partnerships.

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On the stand the clock is 16" high. Since Foster has retired, interest in his clocks has continued to grow. Serial number on the movement and case.

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This is one of only three known 12" wardroom clocks and one of only two with the desirable pilot house movement and dial. Red brass inset case serial number with matching serial number 12E movement. This is a truly exceptional clock that is in perfect condition.