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It did not end well. Played for Laughs in the OVA. Charlotte very understandably wants nothing to do with her father afterwards, and won't even see him on his deathbed.

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Not only that, but nobody believed him when he went to the authorities, so he murdered her or at the very least attacked her with murderous intent and then attempted suicide. After being convicted of a sex crime three years ago, Kelley was released from jail only ten days ago — when she moved in with her cousin, his girlfriend, and Victoria.

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Slight spider vibe; definitely playing up the 'predator' side. Jean once, briefly, and it was quite some time before he realized what relation either Jean or Madelyne had to him. The body that gave birth to the body she used to possess.

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Hinako miscarried her first baby, but gave the second in adoption after giving birth. He ends up killing her to keep her from killing Gojyo.

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No evidence about sexual encounters, thank God, but the Sub Text is incredibly strong — specially in the CD dramas. The anime villain Furumizu from Witchblade has some creepy implications of this.

The fact that Mimic resembled Victor in more ways than one though is hardly coincidental.

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Played with in Bunny Drop. Later on Marube tries to seduce Tetsuo, who turns out to be his son. It's later implied that this was a Fake Memory Ragyo implanted, but even if that's true, it brings up the question of why the hell she would implant a memory like that.

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It also doesn't really help that he was forcibly aged to 17 and for a number of his appearances had absolutely nothing in the way of life experience.

The kid only mentions his father during his clearly false innocent moments, otherwise freaking out at the mention of him, stating hysterically that he "got rid of all the old man's things".

It is later revealed that he accidentally physically resurrected her with the sheer force of his immense mutant talent when he unconsciously and Dating both mother and daughter tried to psionically contact Jean Grey upon his arrival in the other reality.

Initially Averted in Mai-OtomeNina is in love with her adoptive father, though Sergey doesn't feel the same and probably doesn't know about Nina's. In addition, Rogue is canonically even younger in this reality than any of Magneto's prior biological children: When the parent is the aggressor in the relationship, it is usually quite predatory in nature, and in many cases particularly in the case of fathers and daughtersit's a crossing of Online dating toowoomba Moral Event Horizon when it's revealed.

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Clara has the hots for her Action MomAthena Haruka. When pressed for answers outside the police station, Gonzales pinned the entire thing on Kelley, saying: It must have been shocking, huh?