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Here's an interesting article to give you some idea of how important she was to fashion of the era! She wasn't old enough for it to be hers, but may have been collected by her? The beauty beside the velvet is in the swing of the design at the lower back. The outfit is in great condition whoo whoo!

Antique Art in Pyrography

Traveling from Ohio with my oldest son to view an antique auction and get an idea of antique furniture prices in the Atlanta area. Decorative wooden bellows dated Dating antique wardrobe, from the private collection of Jennifer Betts.

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Out bidding a local antique dealer to claim my prize. Condition is excellent with a few minor issues US Long before there were cable TV shows featuring antique pickers.

Bodice measures 32" bust, 12" across back, 24" waist.

Note that the calligraphy in that panel is gilded. One more site with a very lovely picture shows Fosdick's triptych of the Glorification of Joan of Arc displayed in its new setting in the Gilded Age Gallery of the American Art Museum as the lead image in an article by New York art historian and critic N.

Very large panel portrait circa from the private collection of William Drucker. My name is John Reinhart, I am the author and publisher of this antique furniture and auction related website.

Another, a decorative portrait, is believed to be the one that appears on the easel in Dating antique wardrobe iconic photograph showing him at work with his large thermo-pyrography tool. The photos will show all you need to know US you will find thousands of pictures of elegant antique furniture.

My father often attended these onsite farm and household auctions held in our neighborhood. Much of which were family pieces that had been passed down over the years.

Much to my relief at the last moment someone else finally did increase the bid. Among the the old items being sold that day was a fine Hoosier cabinet in it's original varnish. I have owned this dress in my private collection for over 20 years. First things first, the white ermine fur on this coat needs to be replaced.

The pattern in the velvet can only be seen under certain lights, otherwise it just looks like a solid black velvet. I found that mahogany and walnut furniture from the 's - 's era was much higher priced in Georgia than in the Midwest! Page has one work by Fosdick's predecessor Ball Hughes, an panel entitled "The Witches from 'Macbeth'" plus an Italian sideboard from the 16th Century.

There is a handwritten tag inside that reads "Lepper Gardner". The label is off on one side, so will need a stitch or two.

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It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern. I started picking old items at local estate auctions as a young child. It's a wearable size, and could be worn, but I would certainly rather see it displayed to keep the condition as pristine as it is.

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The auctioneer was having a difficult time getting a starting bid for the old cabinet. No other idea for the Lepper Gardner.

This is easily seen by looking at the photo of the interior to see the seaming and then volume of the lower back skirt.