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Dating antique chairs, using the maker's name or company name to identify an antique clock

Balloon Back Chairs Above photos show a set of four Victorian chairs which have had the old upholstery removed along with any tacks left in the woodwork.

Although we are retired as restorers we will continue to run the weekend courses. A Few More Book Storage Tips Place similar sized books next to each other on the bookshelf to eliminate dust from building up on the sides of the books.

Much of which were family pieces that had been passed down over the years.

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The second photo shows half way through the various procedures that follow once the new webbing is applied. The procedure continues by applying more stitches to firm up the edges and then a second layer of stuffing is added on top. My father often attended these onsite farm and household auctions held in our neighborhood.

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Make sure the blinds or shades are closed during the day, or use a plastic film that blocks the light. The shelves should easily be able to accommodate the weight of the books.

A Few More Book Storage Tips

Finally, skin wadding and then calico is added. Nigel is a member of the Institute of Conservator Restorers in Irelandhe also works on clocksespecially longcase grandfather clocks.

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Temperature and Humidity The perfect temperature for antique book storage is between degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn't Dating antique chairs till a couple of my antique dealer friends had purchased similar trucks to haul their antique furniture with.

Over the years we became close friends and often went out of state on antique furniture buying trips. This work is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.

We run weekend restoration courses. We also sell and restore antique furniture and seating.

Currently I am picking farm primitives and shabby antique furniture in the Midwest for resale in Metro Atlanta as well as the mountains of North Georgia. During the previous 15 years I had installed C Band satellite dishes and farmed for a living.

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If rusting occurs, it may damage or stain the bindings of the books. However, turning pages with gloves is not recommended. Storing antique books Rare Book Values Whether you are an avid collector of antiquarian books, a novice buying your first antique book, or someone that has a few old books with great sentimental value, it is important to know storing antique books correctly keeps them in the best condition possible to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Believe it or not I hauled lots of three piece antique oak bedroom sets with my VW Beetle. We give tuition and run courses on all aspects of antique furniture restoration.

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Bookcases Choosing between a wooden or metal bookcase is often a decision based on decorating style. For more serious cases Nigel will give advice about making up new frame components.

Rapid changes in humidity or temperature can damage the books.