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In the Coca-Cola company asked various bottle manufacturers to design a unique Coca-Cola bottle.

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Whether lavish or plain, wood or crystal, swathed in silk or sleek and modern, vanities say a lot about a lady and her style. Price is usually determined by size, style and especially color.

How to Date a Ball Jar

After that point approximately these bottles are virtually all "smooth base", i. This style is typified by the three differently colored sauce bottles pictured to the right. A few rare variations do exist, however.

Generally speaking, ketchup bottles are relatively tall and narrow a typical height of at least 3 times the body or base diameter and have a moderately narrow mouth or bore for the size of the bottle.

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However, these two categories of bottles do have some functional differences from each other as to the general shapes. One good example was in when Ball took over the Greenfield Fruit Jar and Bottle Company in order to gain control of the Owens automatic bottle making machine license, a significant business opportunity they passed up some years before in favor of their own jar making machine.

Antique Glass Markings

Like the Red Book. Boyd was actually one of three men who gained control of the patent for screw caps and jars originally filed by John L. The only source that I know of today where these rings can be found is at http: Variations of the gothic style were in use for an extensive period and appear to not have begun to disappear until the advent of bottle making machines during the early 20th century and even lingered into the early s on bottles which may have been machine-made Obear-Nester Co.

Other 's and letters are also on the bottom. Square and hexagonal examples first appeared in the late s to possibly early s Deiss What have I found?

The jars are made by Kerr, Atlas, Presto, and Ball.

History of the Dressing Table

Lief noted that the Goldy closure was most popular on catsup bottles and, though invented inappeared to have the most popular during the to era, though similar versions are still in some use today Lief ; empirical observations.

Usually these jars are either dark purple or kind of a sickly dark brown color depending on what chemical originally was used to clarify the glass. This general style of 8-sided catsup bottle was called the "octagon catsup" or "paneled catsup" by bottle makers Illinois Glass Co.

If the table comes with a matching bench or low-back chair, it might be a dressing Casual dating payant, and not a desk.


These were generally made at the end of a run and contain sediments and chemicals that color the glass. Today, vanities are reclaiming their place as a fascinating, decorative statement.

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Elaborate dressing table Furnitures styles included Queen Anne, Hepplewhite, Dating antique ball jars Sheraton, each with distinct features including cabriole legs, curved edges, and drawer pulls. The bottle body and shoulder is vertically ribbed with a horizontal ring on the lower neck, has a blowpipe pontil scar on the base, crudely applied two-part mineral type finish, and was blown in a post-bottom mold which almost certainly was not air vented given the likely date of manufacture of the s or early s.

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