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Ji Hyun is please she can make both her parents dreams come true.

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They walk down the hallway towards the elevator basking in a beam of white light. She would have helped Ji Hyun more. Kang stands at the banks of the Han River, understanding that Ji Hyun came back to make things right and put things back where they belong.

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Grrrrr, I must lodge a complaint about the waste of a perfectly delectable pair of kissers that are going to grow rusty Dating alone eng sub ep 1 full the lack of use. Her destiny was always to die young, but the accident was the unexpected death which accelerated her demise by more than 50 some days.

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Ergo, she got the 49 day quest to come back to life. Yi Soo had secretly saved money for their pension, putting the money he earned into the account.

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But through the accident she gained knowledge, wisdom, and fortitude, becoming the heroine that I stood up and applauded at the end of the drama.

Yi Kyung thinks Dr. She goes to the studio with Kang. The purpose of the show is to see if men know the minds of women, and to study how they act in each situation. She recognizes it as belonging to her kidnapped daughter, the shoe has a star that mom embroidered on herself.

Without the accident, Ji Hyun would have used those 49 days before her death to live in happy oblivion the way she always did. Unbeknownst to Ji Hyun or Scheduler when he gave her the questeven if she succeeded, she was always going to die 6 days later.

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Yi Kyung stands to the side and watches. Ji Hyun recognizes him as Scheduler, leaving her stunned because of her knowledge that those who succeed in the 49 days quest is not supposed to have any memories from that time. We cried, we laughed, we raged, we pondered. Each actor had chemistry with the others, in degrees and types, and the off-screen camaraderie really extended to the on-screen comfort and natural flow of the performance.

Scheduler confirms that his last scheduled elevator ride will be Shin Ji Hyun, who is and always was scheduled to die 6 days from now.

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The other female waitress is interested in Dr. Kang teases her for borrowing his blanket, his car, his MP3 player, what next? One day at the train station, Ji Hyun wandered away.

Kang reveals that he saw the same backpack and shoes as the older sister was wearing in the pictures.