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There, they will spend the night together - while the family, who all live in the tent, politely pretend not to notice. One guest used a hidden mobile phone to callthe police emergency hotline. More on the Austrian woman, Marie, now released by Dubai's police and back in Austria after the intervention by Austria's foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz: With people angered by this silence and fearful about the security of local women, a huge protest was organised outside the courthouse via text messages.

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Another sort of example comes from the province of Helmand in southern Afghanistan, concerning a man and woman, both in their 20s.

According to Sharia Law, a Muslim man can have up to four legal wives, but up to 99 of the temporary marriages. Sarimah had a successful evening: This fits the general pattern in Afghanistan, where honor killing the raped woman is "often more important to the victim's family than vengeance against the attacker.

We are living a civilized world. I have made sure only to include instances in this weblog entry that represent a general outlook, and not just a single person's idiosyncrasy, anecdotes that reflect the Shari'a or societal consensus, not deviants and outcasts.

Try to revert back to the s or 50s. This happens to every woman who suffers the fate of being widowed.

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Sarimah gets up, and plants herself by the yellow stucco wall by the shrine's entrance, and waits to complete the next part of the ritual. But she's still married. Somali mother of eight stoned to death for taking a second husband: Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones.

Human Rights Watch found that the examination has included the discredited and degrading "two-finger test" to determine whether female applicants' hymens are intact. In the cramped room, Sarimah drops aromatic leaves in a brazier and moves over to the grave, sprinkling it with flowers.

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I just thought it would be like in Europe, counselling, maybe tests. Israeli beaches offer a miniature example of the sexual tensions Muslim men experience. Dubai has done it again, charging an unnamed year-old Austrian female tourist with illegal sex; she says she was raped in a car on Dec.

Additionally, if her father is deceased, she cannot remarry without [her son's] blessing. To get around societal boundaries that prohibit having a girlfriend or boyfriend, or being caught in public with someone of the opposite gender, the report suggests that young people utilize the Islamic Shia practice of a temporary marriage, or sigheh.

As civil war grinds on in Yemen and families become destitute, one option to decrease expenses and raise capital is to marry off pre-pubescent girls. But I believe that men are more capable for certain tasks and women for other tasks.

Article 36 of the regulation requires female police academy applicants to undergo an "obstetrics and gynecology" examination. Newlyweds Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26, who were neighbors, were strangled on Wednesday night when they returned home after marrying men their mothers didn't approve of, cops said.

Restaurant managers are usually foreigners who do not know the right way to conduct themselves and their business when there are women without male custodians around.

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October 22, year-old girl raped, buried alive in Pakistan: Mohammed nurses the wounds still visible in his swollen face and blood-laced eyes, and Ms. Disguised in boys' clothes, the girls, ages 13 and 14, had been fleeing for two days along rutted roads and over mountain passes to escape their illegal, forced marriages to much older men, and now they had made it to relatively liberal Herat Province.

Male and female roles are clearly defined in Pakistan and transgender people often face harassment and abuse. Yet could all of this be under threat, Drury asks.

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Why is being equal on even the little things matter so much? September 14, Muslim patrons of Dutch brothel triple during Ramadan:

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