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Dating a girl with lyme disease, the first person i dated loved to party.

Outside of the occasional vomiting of bile, fainting and blacking out, I was generally happy.

Julie New Member years on site To be honest, just tell them the truth I have read a lot of stuff about it to this point. I am assuming not. While this has not always been a good thing in my life, it has served me well in having Lyme.

Research continues, and so views and approaches change over time. If they don't understand then they are not worth dating.

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Then you will make that person endure the agony of passing away. Outside of the occasional vomiting of bile, fainting and blacking out, I was generally happy.

From these words, there are things I can do, things I can look into myself and find out more information on, and things I can talk about with my girl coming from a more knowledgeable place and not having her to explain everything, which must be a burden.

I would have to ask you this, how do you know that you didn't catch it from him sexually? From their perpective I have told a few men I have dated and the looks on their faces was like they were going to get the plague the majority of uninformed people seem to be afraid to catch it And I would kind brush things off by saying, "well this is sometimes what happens with my condition As a lot of relationships do, ours ended as a result of my Lyme disease diagnosis.

Patient Resources In AprilI had an answer.

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One person can walk around with lyme there whole life and not be that symptomatic and another can struggle with walking etc etc. As a kid, I always had a pretty good hold on life.

My LLMD wrote in his manual it can be tranfered by tick, and many other insects and possibly sexually too. I was misdiagnosed with MS.

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Everyone however is different in Lyme, which is part of what really confuses the docs: I am still ill. I ended up in the hospital no less than seven times due to chronic swollen lymph nodes, flu-like symptoms and fainting.

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Some of my friends and family amazed me with their compassion, others shocked me with their lack of loyalty. Many chronic Lyme patients get discouraged and give up, accepting their reduced functionality and making adjustments in their life to accomodate their illness.

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That keeps the expense and hassle down compared to IV meds. Hope this can help tiffachelle Member 8 years on site 92 posts I know I have heard different answers to this question.

Some get weary of treatment or simply don't have the money to continue and conclude they can live with their current level of illness for now. Take care, be careful. It's called 'guaranteed issue' of the policy, and is called 'group insurance.

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It's only fair to know from the start. I hope this brain dump has some useful thoughts in it for you!

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Our lifestyle is quite different now vs. While I took the approach of integrated treatment, I do not criticize those who take a different one. Stopping treatment because one is 'feeling better' is not a good idea unless the doc is agreeable.

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She does have insurance but I don't know the fine details about what is covered on it. My company has been a godsend and told me to come back whenever I felt better. Some very motivational people in that too.

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In California there are some precedents that are good news for chronic Lyme patients. She also has a supportive BF like yourself. Which means that if your girlfriend wants to get well, then she needs to get to a good LLMD for an official diagnosis and a treatment plan.