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If a manufacturer had the financial resources to print large quantities of map gores, they would have done so in order to achieve the best economy of scale.

If a retailer had a dozen globes on his shelves it would have taken much longer to sell off his current inventory and order in newly updated globes than if they only had one or two globes on their shelves.

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Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet. Instructions You can determine an edition date by comparing your globe or map to the listing.

Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? General Information A globe or map publisher will sometimes include a copyright date or Matchmaking services ottawa date near the legend, globe name, or Dating a crams globe information.

Palestine becomes British mandate.

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If yes, globe was made after Please note that the naming conventions or the actual date a change is made by a publisher can vary. Zaire -- independent in Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed case by case analysis to private collectors.

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Congo changes to Zaire. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia - Czechoslovakia divides into Czech Republic and Slovakia - Eritrea was part of Ethiopia but seceded and gained independence - Palau was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands administered by the United States and gained independence as a former colony.

In he brought his globes down to Washington, D.

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Globe Collectors' Blog Please send updates to this list of dates to: Simply find the country's index number in the listing and then refer to the Region Map to locate the country more easily. Indonesia annexes Portuguese Timor.

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Iraq independent from Britian. Although Australia gained independence inand several U. The following dates will help you "date your globe" and determine how old it might be. It was called Southern Rhodesia.

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Petersburg was renamed Petrogradthereafter Leningrad, until its original name St. British Somaliland became independent.

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Ceylon and Burma become independent. Fiji and Tongan Independence.

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How often did the manufacturer print new map gores? Specific inquiries are best resolved with professional appraisers or with a visit to local public or university library.